Shadow Lane’s "Posse Paddle"

I’ll have to admit most implements I’ve seen at various sites seem to S&M-ish, making me think of dark dungeons and such — and they are leaving out the romance, the whimsy, the fun, the eroticism of spanking.

However, this “Posse Paddle” from the excellent team at ShadowLane — one of the best, most creative and classy spanking sites on the market — gets it all right. The masterful illustration from Brian Tarsis tops it all off. (I have since been informed by ShadowLane that this product, not surprisingly, is SOLD-OUT! )

More details from ShadowLane:

When that special cowgirl gets a little too big for her britches, our new maple “sidearm” is guaranteed to restore law & order! (Also will do for a bad buckaroo!)
Our sturdy, new maple wood paddle is 10″ long, a hefty 1/2″ thick and 3 & 1/4″ wide, but is small enough to fit in a glove box. This no nonsense instrument of correction is decorated with a strikingly original Tarsis illustration of a good lookin’ cowboy spanking his best gal. With its comfortable weight and charming appearance, this implement will delight both you and your playmates for years to come. If you’ve never tried a wooden implement, don’t be skeered — you can always use it lightly! For players of all levels.
The Posse Paddle (TPP-001) is $29.95

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One thought on “Shadow Lane’s "Posse Paddle"”

  1. I love the expression, “too big for her britches.” It’s right up there with a man who decides he “wears the pants” in a relationship. Mmm… smilin’ just thinkin’ about it!

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