Bums On The Run: Fighting Cancer

What a novel, unique idea, for a serious cause — cancer research. And who can resist the delightfully clever name “Bums on the Run.”

A group of close to 20 British spanking models have come together to raise money for cancer research, via a forthcoming road race. Additionally, you can donate via their excellent web site as well (which features some intriguing pix and such, and secure web-based donation forms ), and support them in a number of other ways.

Show your support and visit them at Bums on the Run.

We set up Bums on The Run because we believe that the spanking community is a strong one, full of genuine lovely people, and has a lot of support. We believe that together we CAN make a difference.

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One thought on “Bums On The Run: Fighting Cancer”

  1. I wanna write a comment on the next post, but it´s impossible because comments are disabled . The comic images are so beautiful… where I could get one of them?

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