Of Spanking and Anal Eroticism

The Cherry Red Report continues to be intrigued by the connection between erotic spankings and anal eroticism, as the erogenous zones are all apparently connected. Alas, it appears that many spankees are anal erotic, and that a temp-taking and/or, dare I say, a well-lubricated buttplug is something that might fit into the whole spanking kink.

What are readers thoughts on this feverishly fascinating topic??

One of my favest fantasies, in case you might be curious, is a cheeky girl lying about having a fever, in order to skip her exams and head off to the mall, all at the same maxing out her Mom’s Visa. . . .

A true classic from BadTushy.
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5 thoughts on “Of Spanking and Anal Eroticism”

  1. Dave:

    Yep, I’d say there’s definitely a connection. People who like bottoms tend to, well, like bottoms.

    BTW, I’m very impressed with both the quality and quantity of material you deliver. I think you’re doing a great job!


  2. Spanking and anal eroticism (ARTICLE TRASLATE FROM OUR BLOG http://azotesynalgadas.blogspot.comWROTE IN MARCH 18 2005 IN WITCH YOUR BLOG IS LINKED)

    For many fans to the eróticas nalgadas ones, to perhaps speak of spanking and anal eroticism is to go very far, for others, probably between both terms perceive an indissoluble bow.

    The relation between the practice of spanking and the sexual pleasure derived from the games annals is something that always has fascinated to me. Nevertheless very limited of my knowledge, the simple context of blog and not to support to me in specialized Literature and studies of field, gives a very short reach to this small article that it does not try nothing else that to entertain and to invite to a reflection on the subject.

    Without a doubt some you whip them that as much like are applied we preferredly on the rumps, that zone centers our attention and our erótico interest. The rumps are concealing accomplices and of that so discredited part, but so noble, of our body that is the anus, it goes, the ass in himself.

    On the one hand on the anal eroticism a great social repression exists, the anal sex, for example it is for much people sinful, vicious, own of masculine homosexuals, turned aside and painful outlandish, dirty an activity, impropia.

    But what I create it is that to the spankos, in general, we like the anal eroticism more than to most of the population. On the one hand our interest, of geographic form already is oriented towards the south of the body and on the other hand to many spankos we like certain practices like some supositorios, thermometers to take the rectal temperature, enemitas medical games such as, plugs and massages of prostate. This without telling many spankees that they are fans of the anal sex, with which they even arrive at explosive orgasmos.

    Up to here the facts that I have observed, without no percentage or statistic by means. Simple intuition, observation and to listen what the people of the community spanko say. In this aspect I would like to successfully obtain opinions in case somebody agrees with my observations, that do not deny that in the heterosexual pairs hemstitches practices with great pleasure the anal sex, or the anus-rectal caresses…. but my idea on the matter are that in the spankos a very noticeable tendency to the anal eroticism exists.

    The reasons that can have? Here if that would not know that to say exactly. It seems to me that it is easier to do of Kinsey (by the way, I recommend the film) that of Freud. First it discovered to us that the anal sex in heterosexual pairs was very many more frequent of which it was believed. And first already by the dawn of the last century it establishes the three famous phases of the psicosexual development of anal and fálica the individual that are the oral one.

    The theory of Freud is developed more during forty years, until the death of the famous bearded Viennese and with her several psychoanalytic schools arise in the heat of production to the present time.

    The theory of Freud really is that first stage of the development of the individual the oral one is one more a more passive phase in where new born enjoys, like good mammal, of the feeding and of the contact of its mouth with the teat of the mother and the following phase is more complex. In the oral phase, the boy who already is weaned, thing that has been certain a bad experience, begins to control the expulsion of his organism of everything what he exceeds to him, the excrements. The boy in this phase would as well discover the possibility, somewhat sadistic and simultaneously masoquista to retain his lees. And to culminate the psicosexual development the eroticism finally would migrate to the genital thing, is the fálica phase.

    In side more dark Marquess de Sade wrote that “libertines”, as he called to which soon has occurred in calling sadomasochists, even had preference by the anal sex on the vaginal one.

    Good, in a few paragraphs I have assassinated 20 years of work of the Dr Kinsey and all a life of psychoanalysis of the Sigmund friend.

    We are spankos the part of that population discovered by the zoologist of Indiana become fond of to the back door, as it is called to him to the anus of allegorical form? Or rather we are somewhat infantiloides? After all we like the games of infantile rolls, all we have childhood memories as very or girl one in her article explains to us or we are still young as she affirms Mr. Seven in his.

    Or the fault of all has the OTK that puts the easy things to us?

    As it had thought, the great company to explain why of my observation she will remain truncated. Perhaps your commentaries and experiences on the matter throw a little light on this subject that never I have seen discuss in planks of Spanish language.

    In any case, from these modest lines also I want to make a vindication of the games and pleasures annals. For nonsingle it I will use all the arguments of the constructive sexólogos that speak of the inervada good that are that zone, that exists less germs in the anus that in the mouth (although always he is advisable the preservative use and lubricants with watery base) that the anal sex does not have so that to be painful if there is excitation, confidence, much lubricant slowness to us and and a long list of others. No, also I will be based, to vindicate these practices denigrated by the bienpensantes heads in the pleasure of much people, many spankos friends and in the mine own one to say that spanking and anal eroticism are two activities that take very well among them.

    Mr. Ten

    2005.03.17 03:05

    Then without being as cientíico as Mr. 10, also I believe that spanking calls to the anal eroticism, even only at fantasy level. To arrive at the excitation degree that anal sex requires so that he is placentero, is not easy to me, but it is easy to think about it:P to me
    2005.03.18 01:31

    Mr. Ten:
    he enchants your commentary to me, specially because he reinforces my thesis… but if somebody thinks please that I exaggerate, that me says it
    2005.03.18 13:29

    girl two:
    Then my dear DonDiez, I believe that anal sex, due to the position that it requires to take place, is one of the favourites by the spankos, particularly, enchants to me to put the colita! ja, although really that conduit is not physically erógeno in me, is it and fully, mentally, in summary, it enchants to me. And good, also the idea of the introduction of pequeñitas small things that way, does tilín to me and I do not know if it has to do again with my taste by the nalgadas ones, or with other things.
    2005.03.22 17:52

    Wonderful commentaries, girl two, also the supositorios (small) and the rectal thermometers can comprise of a delicious game post or pre you whip.
    2005.03.22 18:02

    I agree with girl two and with they ten and I add that, in my case, it enchants me to be enemada during the previous session and to the anal relation.
    2005.04.14 02:24 email: amigospankos

    Seven Up:
    Perhaps I agree in exciting of the eroticism anal.Tanto those that I call cariñosamnete enculaditas, and ufff the thermometers and putting enemita(not heprobado it still), but all it is sugerentísimo and something to me transgressor.

    And that me decis of that scene in a the one that the crossbeam that is made the enfermita to elude some obligation and previous taking of temperature, in which sometimes pilla trampeando itself to him warming up it artificially, receives a good spanking by mentirosilla. It is an example of an amused situation. But if, in general the thermometer in that agujerito is to me very likeable. I believe that spanke then has a pudorosa sensation when feeling exposed in his more recondita privacy.
    And the anal penetration, has that psychological small point of domination submission, although she is consensuada.

    And to finalize I imagine, but I am not psychologist, who the anal phase that we happened in the childhood could leave tracks and in our adult stage makes us have that to feel special by the situations related to travieso agujerito.

    2005.04.16 18:04

    BlogItemURL >
    # posted by amigospanko @ Friday, March 18, 2005
    I confess my gustillo and morbo by all the jueguitos annals.
    Well, already I have done it… and now?
    # artículo hung by Ana K. : Sunday, 06 August, 2006

  3. No to anal play and plugs a real turn off to me. I believe that erotic otk spankers aren’t as into anal as the BDSM crowd.


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