No Running By The Pool — or else.

Stumbled upon this wonderfully appealing, cute, and charming image by “D.Wolfe” [Edit: This illo is by the ever talented Dave Wolfe, who illustrates his unique “Wolfie Toons” for the Discipline and Desire fiction site] on a relatively new German(?) spanking blog that I am not even going to attempt to pronounce. The lighthearted style of this illustration reminds me of the wonderful work of EndArt.

There is something about skimpy bikinis, perky bottoms, tanning lotion and spankings that just go so well together.

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2 thoughts on “No Running By The Pool — or else.”

  1. Thanks very much, CR, I’m glad you like this li’l ‘toon– it’s still a favorite of mine, as well!

    It first showed up on the now-defunct “Arild’s Spanking Cartoon” Yahoo Group, and it’s based on Actual Events!

    My college girlfriend and I went to the pool one sunny summer afternoon (back when mastodons and sabre-toothed tigers roamed the earth) and at one point I looked over to see a girl lying across the lifeguard’s lap!

    Now, he wasn’t doing anything about it (Wotta Doofus!) and how and why she wound up otk, I never found out! Something about their attitude suggested that it was her idea. Maybe his lap seemed a comfier spot to lie and sun than on the cement?

    Well, in any case, he DID eventually give her bikini seat a good, hard swat, and the little tease had the audacity to act affronted! Maybe she was trying to earn more spanks. But, my girlfriend insisted at that point that I divert my attention, so I never got the full story.

    But it makes a heckuva cartoon!

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