Bottom Blistered in a Parking Lot

Wow, what a realistic-looking, wonderfully hot older photo. Cute thong-clad tush and jeans nicely tangled. They appear to be in the woods, or some parking lot in the middle of nowhere — looks like he’s sitting on his car’s bumper.

Gotta love those outdoor bottom tannings (what if someone sees??) — I believe this pic is from Nu-West, and the old guy is the key player at Nu-West, one of the first spanking companies back in the day.

I ask you: Who doesn’t fantasize about pulling the car over….or perhaps going hiking and, suddenly, dragging your fresh, pouty partner over a convenient fallen log for punishment?
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6 thoughts on “Bottom Blistered in a Parking Lot”

  1. That’s happened to me more times than I can count, LOL! My very first spanking from D was in a car…


  2. Oh my gosh, you have been busy Dave. I am going to have to catch up on my reading I think 😉
    I love that pic, and I have been threatened numerous times that I will get a spanking if I don’t ‘quit it’ while driving.
    Very sexy idea, but I have always behaved myself after the threat due to the fear of others seeing.
    I am somewhat of an exhibitionist if I may be honest, however I like to find quiet and ‘almost’ private places. Pulling up on the side of the road was never that for me lol, and I think I like the fantasy more than the reality!

    Em x

  3. So I’m not the only one??? Lol! We’ve played at a few restareas and I’m told “don’t make me pull this car over!” every time we get in the car, it’s a classic one for us. Hugs, Sugarpie

  4. It’s hot to be spanked in the woods. One of my favorite things about hiking in the mountains. There is quite an echo so someone might hear even in the secluded spots we choose on high rises but we’ve never been interrupted I know the deer can hear us. Love the photos.


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