The World of the Woodshed

These images of Internet hottie Kari Sweets had me thinking: if a naughty little cowgirl like this is already inside a woodshed (Hm…I guess this is more of a barn…), how would one, as the phrase goes, ‘take her out to the woodshed’ if she needed (and I think she does) some serious behavior modification?

This is clearly a conundrum — inside of a paradox.

Unfortunately, at the headquarters off The Cherry Red Report, we don’t have the proverbial ‘woodshed’ nor even a barn. A sad state of affairs.

As Kari probably left the horses out and ignored all her chores, dagnabit, I would simply bend her over a hay bale for a good hide tanning with a worn, old belt, and/or drag her back to the house for a long spanking session over my lap.

Your thoughts?

And if Kari snuck out in short-shorts like these, she’d def. be sleeping on her tummy that night….

…or waiting on her tummy for Daddy to get home, resigned to her fate….

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One thought on “The World of the Woodshed”

  1. Hi Dave and thanks for the kind words above regarding Southern Angels blog and our relationship.

    Not only do I enjoy checking out other spanking blogs and websites, I also enjoy surfing the web looking at young models and fantasizing about their spanko tendencies. I have seen many pictures of the lovely Kari Sweets but none of the pictures were as hot as what you found.

    These pictures just beg for Kari to be dragged or followed to the woodshed or barn where she would be forced to position herself over the wooden spanking horse and given a “good old fashioned licking” with either my belt or the well olied strap/tawse I keep on the hook in the shed.

    I also love the entire woodshed/barn fantasy knowing that other people may see her being taken to the barn while I rip off my belt and that other people(neighbors/workers) would hear her cries for forgivenes as well as the impact of the implement of choice.

    I love this whole “southern style spanking” fantasy.

    Sincerely, JD

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