Lord of the Spank

Nice pointy ears, buddy. And nicely roasted rump squirming over your lap.

Is this supposed to be from Lord of the Rings or something? We are not sure, here at The Cherry Red Report.

But we do indeed love this sizzling illustration….(any alert readers know the artist–kindly let me know. Thank you).

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6 thoughts on “Lord of the Spank”

  1. Originally found this one on spankingblog.com several years ago. No artist was ever listed, though…so I’m not sure who created this masterpiece.


  2. The “elf” is Link, from the game Link. The “unfortunate” girl is Laura Croft.

    It was posted in a games bb a long while back when Tomb Raider outsold Link (which, from the reaction of the other commentators, has gone the way of the dodo).

    Never did get the artists name, but have seen some of his stuff in other blogs.


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