The Search for Sassy Bottoms

In the late eighties to mid nineties or so, an artist known as “Sassy Bottoms” created some striking spanking illustrations — then, disappeared from the scene. I first happened upon this art through Shadow Lane. Any alert readers know the latest on this artist?

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9 thoughts on “The Search for Sassy Bottoms”

  1. Sssy Bottoms did seem to epitomize everything a lot of us love about spanking. I think Sassy was a “he”, that about totals my knowledge other than the fact he’s very talented.

  2. He/she apparently disappeared off the scene in the late 90s – if you place ‘sassy bottoms’ in google search, it takes you to a wikipedia page with most of the story…

  3. I corresponded regularly by mail with Sassy from 1990 through ’94. I’m talking about a personal correspondence. I received numerous hand-written letters, and if they came from a guy, I would be truly amazed. I’ve read all that stuff about spankos claiming to know that Sassy was actually a male associate of Charles Manson, believe it or not. I don’t! I think that’s crap.

    I have no reason whatsoever to doubt Sassy’s authenticity as a female spanking artist/publisher based (at least back then) in Grover Beach, CA.

  4. Sassy almost never mentioned her husband to me. She and I were very much alike in our spanking tastes. I had a story and a poem printed in the Tri-D, and Sassy did a painting based on one of many studio-quality photos I sent her of my bottom. I called her the Norma Rockwell of spanking illustration.

    I know I was dealing with a sensitive, caring individual. We stayed in touch during the demise of my marriage, and Sassy’s letters were very supportive. And yet, her letters were also what led to our falling out.

    She’d assured me that she’d paddle my bare bottom if we ever got together; I kept the letter that said so. But maybe six months later, she was telling me that she would never have made such a promise; that spanking someone outside of her family was unacceptable to her.

    It was hard to keep the friendship going after that. Too hard, as it turned out.

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