Have Hairbrush. Will Travel.

Today’s purchase? A small wood hairbrush. Spanktastic!

There’s something way cool about furtively wandering through Target, or Wal-Mart or your local area drug store looking for something that to everyone else is nothing much at all, but to us, has some serious, hardcore ‘kink’ value — a good, old-fashioned hairbrush.

One often sees those large plastic ‘paddle’ brushes which are pretty effective too.

Here, I found a nice little wooden brush made by “Scunci” at a local drug store — CVS. Nice smooth wood — small. Not for heavy-duty players, but a nice brush to have around. And small enough for travel.

Interestingly, the woman behind the checkout counter who I bought the brush from, was this gorgeous Spanish woman, no more than 21-ish, dressed in the official store uniform top — but the bottoms? She had encased herself in skin-tight, pin-stripe slacks, a very, very perky and tight bottom squirming around…yummm.

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4 thoughts on “Have Hairbrush. Will Travel.”

  1. Excellent purchase!! I’ve felt this exact model on my backside a few times and it definitely does a great job of leaving oval kisses on the cheeks until they all merge to leave a uniform bright red bottom.

    I hope you’ll get to test out your new old-fashioned hairbrush very soon!

  2. Walmart has a great bathbrush if you’re in the market for something with a little more power 😛 …and it’s under $5, too!

  3. I have a very similar one to the one you just purchased as well as a larger wooden paddle brush. They work so much better than the plastic brushes!!! I also have the same bathbrush Ruby mentioned from Walmart. Very cheap and definitely makes an impression!!

    ~TX Spankogirl~

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