Book Spotlight: The Golden Age is Over?

It seems a shame that the golden age of spanking magazines and books seems to be pretty much over, as the Web has extended its reach far and wide. And I do miss receiving those lovely, plain, manila envelopes and packages in my PO Box back in the day when I used to secretly buy spanking magazines, books and other ephemera.

Fortunately, one can still find titillating tanning tails, vintage magazines, as well as ‘reprints’ of classic spanking stories and such from the intriguing website of Kurt Stevens.

According to Kurt Stevens:

The 1960’s era, and Gordon Publications in particular, produced some of the all-time greatest spanking fiction ever offered! It is noteworthy not only for it’s nostalgic appeal, but also its quality of writing. If you’re a genuine spanking enthusiast, you’ll want to add these valuable “Collector’s Items” to your collection of spanking erotica. Relive the 1960’s “golden age” of spanking with these wonderful, high-quality reprints of the past! They bring back a lot of spanking good memories!

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