We Are Gonna’ Spank Like It’s 1993!

I remember seeing these somewhat staged (yet erotic, in my view) images years ago (circa 1995-ish) and really got a kick out of them.

Is this guy supposed to be an angry uncle? neighbor? boyfriend? dad? Hm. He looks pretty intent on the task at hand…..I do wonder.

Any thoughts?

With that leg and arm lock, she is not going anywhere!
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15 thoughts on “We Are Gonna’ Spank Like It’s 1993!”

  1. Dallas of Dallas Spanks Hard fame? That guy has some serious experience under his belt.

    Thx for posting.


  2. No, i’ve seen younger Dallas pics and that’s not him. I do remember those times however when you could find pics like that on more or less free sites all over the web.

  3. This series was my absolute favorite. The poses, her bottom, the whole thing was so hot. The spanker was a mainstream porn actor of the day, who like Jamie Gillis (of Redboard) and Tom Byron (of Seemore Butts) kept his spanking interest hidden for the most part. Yes, it is NOT Dallas.

  4. The girl is very cute and shows great reaction and the photography is well done. Anyone know where this series came from?

  5. Wow this guy looks just like someone I know in R/L lol…
    Wonder if he has a spanking side? *grins*

    Great pictures!

    Em x

  6. wow lots of comments on this pic.


    Alas, it’s not Dallas in the photo. Well, wish it was me, alas, it ain’t me! dangit.

  7. it comes from the old “spank hard magazine” put out by editor lizzie bennett ,unfortunately the magazine no longer exsisits however i am one of the lucky ones that has many of those old mags including this one the guys name is rick savage,or at least the name he used to use.

  8. ah yes. thx for posting. I remember that magazine, I used to order them from ShadowLane.

    Sadly, I tossed out my entire spanking collection (including some amazing magazines) in the garbage, in one of those periodic ‘I’ll grow out of this kink, what’s wrong with me?” moments…. ๐Ÿ™

    Those days are over! as this blog is sort of my coming out party! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Come on folks, a few more comments and I will have the most commented-on post in the cherry red report’s short history!!

  10. Come on folks, a few more comments and I will have the most commented-on post in the cherry red report’s short history!

  11. What the heck, since you asked so nice I’ll do my part for the count! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Seriously, these are some great shots. I remember comming across them (OK, OK! No jokes there!) a long time ago and really liking those. The set got purged one time in one of my “I’ve got HOW MUCH disk space tied up in this??” cleaning sessions so I’m glad to see it again.

    And yes, the pictures are now in the collection again! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  12. Hi Spike, Thx for commenting. Yup I know the feeling—I’ve purged my ‘collection’ several times over the years…..only to rebuild it!


  13. For the record, that series is from a mid-80s LDL spankmag another poster correctly identified as “Spank Hard,” edited by the erudite, pre-Shadow Lane Eve Howard, writing as Lizzie Bennett. Lots of history there but not enough time or space here to recount it. SH was one of the best of its time and Eve made it one of the most anticipated of its genre, editing several issues before turning it over briefly to “Bobbie Tawse.” Companion mags included Spanked and Chastise (rare). She took over SH with issue #2 adding classy content and production values, and foreSHADOWing the founding of, with partner and now husband Tony Elka, their successful company , now 20+ years old!

    Dave–I’ve come close to purging my collection many times, only to thin it out by giving several useless 70s and 80s mags (“Clenched Cheeks,” “Aching Asses,” “Burnt Ass”) to a spanking playmate to be sold on eBay. Though I kept the best ones, including every single issue of Stand Corrected and Scene One. They’re in one of the hundreds of “anonymous but specially marked” storage boxes stacked in my basement. Don’t tell the fire marshall! That posted layout was always one of my favorites. One day I’ll retrieve it and hope the pages still turn normally. ๐Ÿ˜‰ PS: Definitely NOT Dallas!

  14. Thanks for the info! You certainly know your spanking magazine publishing history!

    I’m glad you saved your stuff, as i *did* purge my classic magazines back in the day. Ah well…

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