Author Spotlight: Devlin O’Neil

Prolific spanking scribe Devlin O’Neil, featured at his site A Maid for All Seasons, has some serious, seasoned skills when it comes to steamy, sizzling, squirmy spanking fiction.

Historical Romances. Strict Uncles. Old-fashioned Police Officers. Futuristic Prison Fantasies. Devlin tackles all genres and scenarios with a terrific flair for the unusual and the erotic.

For starters, I highly recommend the hefty tome “A Maid For All Seasons, Part 1 and 2,” weighing in at over 500 pages, which can be purchased at and Borders. Just skimming will, ummm, well, certainly get your panties in a tangle. Several new volumes in this series have been released as well.

I’m also looking forward to checking out his short-story collections, one of which has the titillating title “Uncle Devlin’s Bedtime Stories.”

In addition, this multi-talented spankophile co-authors a “Spanking Advice” column, called “Ask The Spanking Mavens.”

Well, this blogger certainly has some reading to do.

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19 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: Devlin O’Neil”

  1. Wow his erotica does look good, I will have to check him out sometime!
    Especially if he deals with historical erotica…
    Thanks for the ‘wink’!

    Em x

  2. Dev’s amazing, I should know! Don’t mind the look of his site, I’ve got it under construction!

  3. Well, Dev told me to have a look at your blog, and very nice it is too.

    Yes, Prof Dev is rather an expert at writing smut (good smut, I must add very quickly). But I won’t go on. Don’t want his head to get any bigger than it already is!

    Thanks for the mention:) – Guess I’d better whip myself into action and finish the next “Spanking Mavens” column, before my butt gets a good whipping…

    Have a cool, spanking day.

    Ange XX

  4. Shoot! I didn’t know my photo was going to appear here — after setting my blog to private! Ooh-er!

    Ange xx

  5. Thanks for the great ink, Dave – and to all for the nice comments. Reesa, I visited your blog and enjoyed the true life tales. Did you find my descriptions of your homeland authentic in ‘Woodshed in Georgia’? Hope so. I really was there, but quite some while back. BTW, love your ID photo. *G*

    Angie, is it my computer, or do you have a new hair color? And YES, you need to get cracking on Mavens, else there’s a sore bottom in your future.

    Katie really has done a bang-up job remodeling the web site so far. Although speaking of sore bottoms – HOW do we spell O’Neill, honey? Yes, that’s right.

    Thanks again – y’all. 🙂


  6. I’ve read most of Devlin O’Neill’s work and can say there is nobody better in this genre. Write on, Mr. O’Neill!

  7. Now why didn’t I think of that, Michael? Huh?

    And yes, Dev, if you’d open your eyes once in a while, or least take them off Bottoms, you might just see a few things – like my hair colour – huh?

    And will someone please tell this sodding computer that I DO NOT spell colour without a U!

    Oh, almost forgot where I was for a moment. Sorry Dave. 🙂 We’re using your blog like a forum. But it’s nice here. And you’re a very nice man and…


  8. How many times do Dev and I have to tell you Angie that there is no sodding U in color. And there is nothing wrong with keeping our eyes on bottoms, little girl!

  9. All right, all right, the both of you. This IS a public forum, so let’s limit the S word to private correspondence, shall we, along with the omnipresent battle between Queen’s English and standard American usage? Otherwise I’ll have to separate you two. Oh wait … there’s already that whole Atlantic Ocean thingy.

    In any case, little Angelika is already in hot water aplenty – I’ll tell you about it later, Michael – and it won’t be only her hair that’s red once I get my hands on her. But simply stated, Angie, I could have sworn your tresses were more golden than scarlet, once upon a time. Again, no matter. It’s the scarlet-ness of your impudent backside that more concerns me.

    And a rather belated thanks also to Michael, my staunchest male ally and supporter, who has written a number of reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Chimera Books in the UK. His notes on ‘A Fine Deceit’ and ‘Corporal Idaho’ at hit all the right buttons, for me anyway, and render an insightful view of what one may expect of the books. In short – he gets me! He really, really gets me!

    I’ll close this now. Must go and discuss with a certain someone the difference between a joke and a fib. Police woman, indeed! Bring back the birch, I say! Can I get an amen, Brother Micheal?


  10. Apologies to Dave, but if the boys think I am going to keep quiet after their Toppy outbursts, they both have another thing coming!

    A certain someone meaning me? Well, raspberries to you! ! I mean, if you can’t tell the difference between a little teeny-weeny joke, and a lie, I can hardly be blamed.

    And it’s not my fault if you believed me when I joked about my new job as a police woman, is it?


    And anther thing, boys, if you’re gonna gang up on me, and my very British accent, old chums, how about you learn to spell first?

    NO! We are NOT dressing up as members of the police force, just so you can call it a punishment! And that means you, too Michael, so don’t let Prof D talk you into that one.

    Better still, let me spell it out for you N-O W-A-Y, H-O-S-E N-O-S-E!

    Even if you can’t spell the word “colour” correctly, you won’t let the nasty man do that to me, will you, Mikey Wikey.

    Angie XX

  11. With apologies to Dave but I must correct a brat named Angelika. On top of fibbing to the Professor you are now throwing a tantrum, little girl. You just don’t know when to bahave and cut your losses do you, Angie? And while Dev and myself will be dressed in police uniforms you, young lady, will not as you will be strip searched before your punishment commences. And what’s this Mikey Wikey nonsense! That just earned you a brisk slippering, little missy! Don’t whine because you have no one to blame but youself.

  12. Very well, Angelika, if you wish to take the discussion of your impertinent behavior public, we shall do so. Obviously you feel that you’ll receive popular support and understanding in this venue, and perhaps absolution for such disgraceful conduct. I have to believe otherwise, given the tone of other comments I’ve read here, and furthermore, you and I both know that while Michael may sometimes play ‘good cop’ to my ‘bad cop,’ he is in no wise a pushover, especially where you are concerned. And calling him ‘Mikey Wikey’ where everyone can see will surely earn you extra licks, which is most unfortunate given what I already have in mind for your naughty bottom.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, there is a disused gymnasium to which I have access. The carpet is a bit threadbare, the walls somewhat grimy, and the mirrors could use a polish, but there are a few lights that still work, and the requisite equipment upon which you will pay out your penance – vaulting horse for bending, padded bench for diaper positioning, treadmill for walking spanks – is in relatively good condition. Once you have atoned for this grievous infraction, you and I will write the narrative, with Michael’s input of course, and publish it in the Maven’s column. I would allow you to describe the event on your own, but I’m afraid you might omit some of the squirmier and more embarrassing portions of the ordeal, and we owe our readers a complete, swat-by-swat, representation of what happens to a little big girl who fibs to her favorite professor!

    -Devlin O’Neill

  13. The simultaneous posting by Michael and me was a complete coincidence, but does go to show how intensely a certain bratty someone pushes our buttons.


  14. Oh Gosh! I suppose it’s too late to make a public apology, and tell the world how much I adore and admire my two great boys, Dev and Michael, and that they’re obviously cool, calm and collected adults who will understand that I may have gone a little, (okay, a lot)over the top, and that being the kind and generous, and forgiving chaps that they are, they’ll forgive, forget and one day maybe even look back on this whole scenario– and laugh?

    *Take a breath*

    Come on boys, you know you want to.

    Angie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    BTW, you don’t really need to waste all that money on buying a plane ticket to come and see me, do you? As much as I’d love to see you again, Dev, and meet Michael, I’ve just realised I’m very busy and might not be able to fit you in. Sorry, about that chaps. Better luck next time, yeah?

    Any questions, or grievances, please do not hesitate to send me an email. During office hours.

    (Yeah, like maybe when they’ve calmed down, huh?)

    Now off you go Dev, those books of yours don’t get written all by themselves, you know.

    And Michael, I will never mention the name Micky Wikey again, well, apart from then of course. 🙂

    See what a good girl I can be when I try?

    Your bestest girl.

  15. How very sweet of you, Angelika! I know I speak for Michael when I say that the apology is much appreciated. And really, it’s no bother to come for a visit – a rather long and ouchy one, you may be assured. We’ll be taking the train from Gatwick upon arrival.

    We’ll see you, and your impertinent bare bottom, quite soon.


  16. Quite right Professor, it is no bother to see our little Angie. Don’t worry I’ve packed the satchel and have everything you requested. See you soon Angelika.

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