Grainy, Black-and-White Classic

I love this one! I have so many ‘captions’ in my head for this image.

It’s the combination of those schoolgirl saddle shoes, her pony tail, her white bikini panties in the half-on-half-off position, the somewhat unsual quai-otk positioning, the expression on her face…so many little fetishistic (I think i just made up a word there!?) details that make for a classic, vintage spanking photo.

Technicians at The Cherry Red Report have concluded, after analyzing this image in the lab, that this photo most likely dates from the mid to late eighties.

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8 Responses to Grainy, Black-and-White Classic

  1. Miranda says:

    Lovely image. Can’t really say why. It is a little brutal, you know, the man pulling down her knickers and all that. Thanks…

  2. emeraldeyes says:

    Love ‘older’ spanking photos, as it reminds me of an era the world has sadly forgot.
    However if you find a photo from the 20’s-50’s those are my fave *grins*…

    Thanks for sharing this one, and boy her thighs are skinny lol

    Em x

  3. Reesa Roberts says:

    I think it’s just the lighting on her thighs, Em! LOL surely they’re not THAT skinny?

    Great pic, Dave!

  4. Dave says:

    Yup. The old stuff is just fab indeed 🙂

  5. Dr. Ken says:

    Actually, I know I’ve seen the image before, and I think it’s from the 70’s….not that it really matters.
    Good photo, good facial expression on the girl….the right look on the spankee’s face can really make a photo!

    Dr. Ken

  6. Dave says:

    Hm. this is pic is from the 70’s, Dr. Ken? then my dating estimate is certainly way off the mark! thx for posting 🙂


  7. Dr. Ken says:

    well, heaven knows I could be wrong…would’nt be the first time my memory decided to turn faulty on me.

    Dr. Ken

  8. emeraldeyes says:

    LOL Reesa, hopefully it is lighting. But if this was from the time of Twiggy, who knows?!

    Em x

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