Of Vibrators, Spatulas, and Amber

A most intriguing new update from the stunning SpankAmber, this one involving a “rabbit” vibrator and a spatula.

What is a rabbit? Read on, dear readers!

As seen on her wonderful Spank Amber Blog, a few more teasing details are revealed:

Introducing the Rabbit: I have a new little vibrating friend that I like to play with sometimes when I’m being spanked. Nothing better then being brought to a full O while being spanked! I had so much fun making this next movie. I love getting to be myself and knowing that people are watching. I hope the people that watch my movies have as much fun as I do making them. I’ve been searching for the next gal I want to have spank me and I found one who’s smoking hot! Let’s hope she accepts my offer.

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2 Responses to Of Vibrators, Spatulas, and Amber

  1. Southern Angel says:

    A rabbit and a spatula? That sounds like a very fun spanking. 😉


  2. Dave says:

    I second that emotion!

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