Say It Ain’t So, Sarah Jane Ceylon

The arrival of Sarah Jane Ceylon at Punished Brats certainly created more than a blip on spankophile’s radar screens — reactive and vocal and beautiful, and inked with some most unusual tattoos.

She did a handful of sizzling vids with Punished Brats, including “Virtual CP” with Sarah as a deliciously hot cheerleader…and “Rent-A-Mom,” with Sarah looking like the typical fresh, pouty tightttt-jeans clad naughty teenager, getting a good, old-fashioned Mom-style tanning — unfortunately for us spankos, Sarah apparently decided to return to more hardcore bondage stuff. Be that as it may. . . .

. . . . .Inside sources tell The Cherry Red Report that Sarah Jane may be coming back to do a few more videos with Punished Brats. Sarah Jane Ceylon, please come back, post haste! and pls bring your snug denims, cheerleader outfits, tight bikini panties, and whatever else you have!

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