When Priests Spank: Art by Anton

What’s going on in this image? I do wonder. Hm….Well, intriguing spanking artwork by “Anton,” without a doubt. I have lots of caption/dialogue possibilities in my head for this one, being the kinky, fetish-loving guy that I am! 🙂

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5 Responses to When Priests Spank: Art by Anton

  1. Ruby Redd says:

    Tag! You’re It. The cruelty of blogging knows no bounds. Check out my blog today (5/6/07) to find out what this is about.


  2. emeraldeyes says:

    I have to admit the thought of being spanked by a priest, scares me! But this is an interesting picture…

    Em x

  3. Dave says:

    ruby: oh no not a meme tagging thingey.

    em: yeah it is interesting, somewhat unusual illustration.

  4. Reesa Roberts says:

    I think that the guy in the chair with the cup is saying, “Don’t you think a simple “Hail, Mary,” would suffice, John?”

    Great pic!


  5. Dave says:

    Reesa: I absolutely *love* that caption! lol.

    Any other readers have any caption ideas for this illustration?

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