Holy Spanks, Batman! Captions Anyone??

Here’s a wonderful, superhero-insprired classic image from the great illustrator, EndArt.

Anyone care to try writing a short, snappy caption, or a bit of spanking-good dialogue for this? Have fun! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Holy Spanks, Batman! Captions Anyone??”

  1. Okay, this is lame but I’m on holiday today…

    Robin: Holy spangled panties, Batman, they’re coming down!
    Batman: BUTT you can’t watch; I’ll tell you what happens… Hey, Superman! Want to borrow my batwhacker?
    Wonder Woman: Sure, Batman, bring it all on. Like spanking me on the bare’s gonna hurt.
    Superman: Little does she know I’ve got my superpaddle!

    What I’d like to see is the AFTER pic!

  2. Hm..how about:

    “Robin? Go get me Batman’s utility belt. The leather one. My last bit of kryptonite has gone missing, and you know what? I have a feeling I know just who the culprit is….”

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