Amber’s Cherry-Print Panties

Following in the footsteps of the wonderful Pixie sending me yummy pix of her tight tushy clad in “Sweet Cherry” panties, the lovely and talented Amber of SpankAmber fame was kind enough to send The Cherry Red Report a few truly spankalicious cherry panty images that nearly fried my hard-drive.

Geesh, if spanking models keep sending me these kinds of exquisite pix (please do!), I may need a more robust computer to handle the hotness.

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One thought on “Amber’s Cherry-Print Panties”

  1. Wow very up close, and personal 😉

    Nice pictures, and aren’t you a lucky man Dave! LOL…

    It is amazing how many women in the spanking community, have a tattoo on their lower back.

    I have always fancied one very private and erotic myself, only where CM could find it. But it would have to be small, and fairly discreet *smiles*…

    Em x

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