Lisa’s Luscious Lickings

At the Girls Boarding School, an intriguing European spanking mega-site, a few models really stand out on the spankability scale, one of them being “Lisa.” You won’t find detailed plotlines at this site, but you will see some flaming fannies and old-fashioned tannings of all sorts.And her outfits? I’m no fashionista, but I oh so love those ‘boyshort’-style bikini panties, the short-shorts of course, the skimpy white skirt–hot attire for a hot spanking.

I shall shut up now, and let her tush spank, errm, I mean speak for itself.

For more on Lisa and Girls Boarding School, point your browser here:

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2 thoughts on “Lisa’s Luscious Lickings”

  1. Lisa is one of my favorite spaning models too. A little shy, beautiful and still reacts a lot when spanked!


  2. Thanks Chross. I think ‘reactive’ is what makes a hot model REALLY hot.

    When they just say nothing with no reaction, it kinda’ stinks. but yeah, Lisa is a hottie alright.

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