My Style of Marriage Counseling

Vintage classic cartoon. I’d like to frame this one! The look on the wife’s face, and the husband observing this marvelous tableaux? priceless.

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9 thoughts on “My Style of Marriage Counseling”

  1. I loved that cartoon, I wish there was more pictutes like that around. I know the reason my marriage works out so well is because my husband spanks over his knee on a weekely basis. It makes us both happy.

  2. I have seen this one before, and every time I see it I grin!
    Why isn’t there marriage counselling like this? LOL

    Thanks for sharing it with us Dave,

    Em x

  3. I wanna be a great counselor. A good spanking is the best way to do understandable that there are things only can be fixed with a trip to the knees

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