Of Spanking, Short-Shorts, And Led Zeppelin

The artist known as “The Spirit” is simply one of the finest illustrators of the spanking kink, specializing in sexy F/F-style tushy tannings, with a playful eroticism that is as addicting as it is compelling.

To visit The Spirit’s home on the Internet, point your browser here:

The Led Zeppelin-inspired image entitled “The Song Remained The Same” of a short-shorts clad spanked bottom is exclusively provided to The Cherry Red Report, and epitomizes The Spirit’s exquisite, playful and artistic vision in all its wriggling, squirming scarlett glory.

Featured on The Playboy TV Network, The Spirit also has an anthology of his fine drawings called “Spank Me: The Art of the Spirit” (available on Amazon.com) which I highly recommend.

So what inspired this luscious illustration? We asked The Spirit for a behind-the-scenes insight into the artistic process:

* * *

The Spirit: “Well, I periodically try to incorporate a small homage to things that inspire me into my erotic and spanking art. In the image titled “The Song Remained The Same” the connection to Led Zeppelin is projected via a few different, and none too deep, means. Primarily the ZOSO patch sewed to the arm of the denim jean jacket of the TOP character. That was a typical method of band worshiping here from the mid to late seventies, even early ’80s, the era in which I grew up as a teen.

Aside from the above patch, and the denim clothing which represents the era, only the art’s title further solidifies the connection to Led Zeppelin. Again, nothing very emotionally deep about the connection, it’s more of a tribute connection to Zeppelin and the ’70s rocker persona, which I’ve always considered myself one of.

Of course, many people also know that spanking was typical punishments back then. It was still perfectly politically correct for anyone straying from the path to be set straight with a brisk trip OTK.

So in the art, it wouldn’t be completely out of the realm of reasonable behavior for the neighbor’s older sister to thoughtfully administer discipline to the wayward. 🙂

In creating my art, I use various techniques for reference to capture an appealing pose. Whether it’s a live model, a still photograph, my imagination or a combination of any or all.

Art by The SpiritIn the case of “The Song Remained The Same,” I used a combination of photograph and imagination for the reference.

But it should be said that the idea, aka the concept, is the initial step. So the concept of the art, even small compositional thumbnail pencil drawings are essential pre-steps in the process of creation.

Well, do I love short shorts as much as you? I don’t know if I do or not, but I’m sure I my love for beautiful women may rival the most passionate out there. I do love many types of women’s sexy fashion styles including short shorts (especially denim shorts), and denim min-skirts.

I love “Rocker” chicks. Headbanging girls who love Motley Crue and Def Leppard have a soft spot in my heart. But all mini-skirts and mini-dresses on a lovely lady gets my heart thumping a bit stronger. Then of course, the thought of taking possession of the feline-bundle during the OTK process for my bidding is perhaps one of my ongoing inspirations.

Lastly, you asked if Led Zeppelin is my favorite band? They are right up there in my top 4: Beatles, Hendrix, Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. I should also thank you for asking and having an interest in my art the way you do. If you get any positive feedback from my art let me know. I always appreciate such feedback.


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2 thoughts on “Of Spanking, Short-Shorts, And Led Zeppelin”

  1. Interesting post Dave! I am not so much into the F/F spanking pics, but these are quite good.

    The artist can draw very well!

    I shall have to check out the site, thanks for sharing Dave!

    Em x

  2. Really great!

    I just love the “short-shorts,” and the expression on the girl’s face.

    Thanks, for posting this link. I’ll be sure to check it out further.

    Your blog, of course, will go into my link list (When I set up my NEXT blog…most likely June, I hope)

    cheers, Dave!


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