Motivational Posters

I was inspired to create these (and I have a few more in the pipeline) by those endlessly annoying, over-the-top motivational posters found everywhere from executive offices to cubicles; fortunately, I find this frame-worthy, spank-inspired style a lot more intriguing. (Please click on the picture for a larger image).

(top image courtesy of Girls Boarding School. Vintage image below: source unknown).

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9 thoughts on “Motivational Posters”

  1. Dave, these posters are so cute! I would put them in my house, if I was sure no one would see them.

  2. Dave,

    Those posters are awesome!!!!!

    I work for a large company and am forced to see those types of framed pictures on many office walls. After being around corporate politics/bullshit for so long they tend to make me sick.

    How great would it be if I replaced all of those posters with the ones you’ve designed(lol).

    On a serious note—- I need the Red Sox to take the next two from the EVIL YANKEES!!!!

    Enjoy the games.

    Sincerely, JD

  3. Wow! Now that is the kind of poster I would be proud to display in my office for personal motivation.

  4. Thank you folks for all the great feedback. Sounds like we all would like these framed in our office or homes 🙂 for…motivational purposes.


  5. I love the posters!! 🙂 I agree with southern angel about wishing I could put them in my house where no one would see them. 🙂
    padme amidala

  6. Sorry I haven’t been here recently Dave, lots of things keeping me busy offline!

    Love the pics and posters, you always find great stuff to entertain us with 😉

    BTW – I do hope you do the meme that I tagged you with!

    Em x

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