Top-10: The Lovely and Talented Juliet

It is with inspired awe, devotion and reverence that The Cherry Red Report features the deliciously naughty and pouty Juliet of PunishedBrats fame in our periodic Top-10 interview series. [In other news, Juliet has been nominated by the staff at The Cherry Red Report for the annual “Rookie Tushy of the Year” award. More about that another time.]

Anyway, what is this nonsense all about, you ask?

Well, in our desire to keep journalistic standards on par with, say, The New York Times, this series is a very important one, as we ask 10 short, often frivolous, questions of key individuals in the spanking community.

(For a recent, and more in-depth interview with Juliet, do check out the excellent blog by Richard Windsor.)

Read CRR’s past Top-10’s, which have featured the always pixielicous Pixie and the ever-firm Chelsea Pfeiffer.

So without further ado:

Favorite color: Hot pink or scarlett? (or another reddish hue or variety thereof?) Bright hot pink. There’s something very warm and toasty about that color…

Bikinis? or Thongs? You’ll find me in thongs when I go out, but bikinis are always my top choice at home.

Red Sox? or Yankees? Yanks all the way!! I come from a Brooklynite family, so it’s kind of in my DNA. [Editor’s Note: This is most unfortunate.]

Corner-time? or bedtime? Corner-time. It’s definitely a more “active” punishment than getting sent to bed.

Are you more Naughty? or Bratty? (or fresh ‘n’ pouty?) The word “entitled” comes to mind. I’m that girl that knows a pretty face can get her what she wants–although it doesn’t always work out that way 😉

Firm hand? or firm brush? There’s nothing like the skin-on-skin contact of a good, firm hand spanking. I have had a good time with the hairbrush though–you know *exactly* where it hit you the next day.

Daisy dukes? or skin tight jeans? Jeans. I like the feeling of being all covered up, and then suddenly bare when I’m told to take them down.

Bottoms-up otk? or bent over? Usually otk–I love the physical connection with the top, and the feeling of being held there.

Sassy schoolgirl? or fresh cheerleader?…basically, which is your favest role to play?)
Uppity divas are always great, but I have to say there’s something about that school uniform…

Do you find getting spanked..umm… hot? or very, very yummy (or somewhere in the middle?)(hope we are not being too cheeky here!) My specific reaction can differ depending on who the top is, and what kind of relationship we have or are role playing. But it’s always yummy no matter what 🙂

Thank you so much Juliet, and keep up the great work! All photos courtesy of:

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6 thoughts on “Top-10: The Lovely and Talented Juliet”

  1. I love this cute girl, she is so beautiful and has perfect bottom.
    Furthermore I love her expression, her look and of course her beauty body.
    Thank you very much for introducing such a lovely spankee.
    Bye amigo

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