The Case of Pixie and The BubbleYum Fixation

What’s a lovely and always spankable Pixie to do without her chewing gum to blow bubbles? Apparently, buy more gum. Preferably, Bubblicious.

When the top-notch editorial staff at CCR noticed several images of Pixie of Punished Brats fame blowing bubbles on her great blog, as well as photos of her diverse bubblegum collection, we had to take action. It was time for a:

I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble or anything, but this is a
CRR exclusive.

OK, enough already, so what’s the scoop? CRR chatted with Pixie on this important issue:

I love bubble gum!! I almost always have a decent sized stash of gum with me at any time.

I think I love it so much now because when I was growing up I wasn’t allowed to chew it at home. My dad hates gum – the sight, scent, sound, everything. It was therefore banned in my household.

I’d sneak a few pieces when I was at a friend’s house or on my way to school, but I always wanted more! Now I can chew as much as I want and I take full advantage of it.

I do love both BubbleYum and Bubblicious (I especially love Bubblicious Bursts!). I buy Dubble Bubble in bulk at Sam’s Club, but it’s not nearly as good (as far as flavor nor bubble blowing). I guess it’s cheap for a reason.

I used to LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Wrigley’s. JuicyFruit and the white spearmint kind. I could go through those giant multi-packs in no time flat.

But then a few years ago, they changed the formula. They added aspartame to the usual sugar used to sweeten the gum and I’m sure made some other changes too. Ever since then, it’s not the same. The gum tastes different and disintegrates if you try to chew it for too long. A very sad day for me.

Hmmmm … did you ever hear about the time I deposited my bubble gum down the pants of the top that was spanking me at the time? Yes indeed, spanking a brat can often lead to a sticky situation.

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5 thoughts on “The Case of Pixie and The BubbleYum Fixation”

  1. LOL!

    ~~I love Pixie!
    I think you’ve reached a peak with this one!

    Cheers, Dave.

    She’s cute as a button, and Bubble-gum too!

    Great post, @ her’s, btw. Really liked the Poster!

    I’m putting you in my links today!

    right now, matter of fact.


  2. Putting gum down the pants. I have seen that before — someone put gum down the back of one of my friends’ pants and it got stuck in her buttcrack. I tell the truth!!! ZED, our designated driver for the night- got a pic of it!

    Now, I gotta comment on the “Spank the Yanks” poster. ZED and I do Civil War re-enacting (as Confederates) and that poster would look lovely just outside our canvas tent!! 🙂


  3. “aspartame”??

    If there’s one thing I appreciate more than a pretty spanko girl, it’s one with wit and brains.

  4. Thank you Dave! That’s so sweet that you made a post based on our bubble gum conversation. 🙂 Much like Violet Beauregard, I’m still on the hunt for that perfect piece of gum.

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