My Next Career Change. . .Your Thoughts?

I’ve harbored a fantasy (and I have heaps of ’em), and I’m assuming it’s not uncommon, of a discreet, yet highly reliable and professional service that provides “spankings-for-hire” or in other words, tannings “on-demand” to naughty ladies overdue for discipline. For whatever reason, the spankings need to be outsourced to a professional.

For example, let us say there is a disciplinary emergency–Who ya’ gonna’ call? “OTK Inc.” or perhaps “The Tushy Tanners.”

And in walks a disciplinarian in perfectly-pressed uniform, carrying a briefcase with various tools of the trade. In addition, I bet they would have a drop-off service for especially naughty cases and terribly recalcitrant, fresh and sassy brats.

The above image of this truck (wish it was a smaller minivan or something; or maybe a sporty little Mini Cooper) is showing the advertising text I might use if I had a, shall we say, a Behavior Modification Business of some sort.

Heck, its gotta’ be better than a regular 9-5’er. Right??

Here’s the reader participation section: I am curious if you could customize this vehicle what words would you use to describe an imagined spanking service of some kind?

Let us assume there is not a lot of space so you have to keep it brief and only 3 short and snappy lines or so…Spanking enthusiasts are a terribly creative bunch, so have fun with it 🙂 k?

(Image Credits: I really dig this photo from The sexy illustration is from a photo gallery site: Top illustration is a Fuller Brush Man–source unknown).

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4 thoughts on “My Next Career Change. . .Your Thoughts?”

  1. I might hire this company:

    Naughty-Not Brat Outsourcing
    Applying Heat to Seats
    For a Healthier You

    Thanks for the great topic!

  2. Dave,

    I think Shadow Lane did a little commercial after the conclusion of one of their earlier videos in which a woman smoked a cigarette and a guy with a home discipline service came to her house to punish her. Can’t remember the details at the moment, but I am sure Tony would remember it!

    Love your spanking posters and hope to see the whole gallery soon!

    Brad D.

  3. You’re right, you aren’t the only one to ever sit around and think of this idea! As for a clever slogan/name… wow, okay… we’ll take it the drawing board. Since we like all kinds of spanking… from the fun erotic stuff, to discipline spankings… we’d steal our friend’s blogs name and go with…

    Span Co.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  4. Cierra–I like that, esp. the ‘heat to seats’ part. Though outsourcing always gets a bad rap.

    Anon–I’ll have to check on that with Shadow Lane/I bet they did do something like this.

    Todd&Suzy– Span Co. — I’m digging it. 🙂

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