Motivational Posters, Series #2

Here’s the second in an ongoing series of ‘motivational’ posters from The Cherry Red Report. Hope you enjoy them.

(Photo credits: Girls Boarding School. Jordan Capri from Lightspeed Sorority. Unknown. RealSpankings. KariSweets. SpankingOnline. DakotaSouth)
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17 thoughts on “Motivational Posters, Series #2”

  1. Hi Dave,

    I like all of the posters, but I really love the small spankable bottom of Jordan Capri. How I would love to place her over my knee(lol).

    What truly has me intrigued is the great picture you have of the red sox girl about to paddle the yankee girl!!! Those girls are extremely hot with sexy uniforms and a great big paddle. I would do anything to see how that spanking unfolds(lol).

    Sincerely, JD

  2. Wow Dave!
    Your posts always surprise me.
    This idea is absolutely brilliant and spankthastic too!!
    Regards from Spain

  3. Thx all for your kind words. Stay tuned for series #3..and #4… 🙂

    JD–Jordan Capri does indeed rate off-the-scale on the spanktastic factor.

    Go Red Sox,

  4. Dave:

    You may be a “dirty old man,”
    but you certainly know how to inspire Mean old Men! (LOL!)

    (Keep up the Motivational Posters.
    They ROCK!!)

    Best wishes,
    Adam b.

  5. Hi Dave,

    I love the motivational posters, those would look great in an office right? *Grins*

    Thanks for sharing these with us, I especially liked the punished one 😉

    Biggest hugs
    Em x

  6. dont look now mr red sox lover but the yankees are warming up their paddles and the red sox better start bending over…….8 wins in a row !!

  7. “DAMN YANKEES”!!!!!

    (spanked again!)….

    …and, by THE MET’s, no less.


    Adam b. (friggin’ New York boy!)

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