I’ve Always Wanted To Direct. . .

In addition to maintaining “The Cherry Red Report” while spanking scores of naughty brats and supermodels on a daily basis, I have several major film projects currently in the works with some big studios, of which I can speak very little. They are all being produced in conjunction with my company: ‘Cherry Red Tushy Productions.’

Above is the promo poster (click on the image for a better view) for one of the most promising projects in progress — and I’m delighted that the legendary Steven Spankberg has agreed to direct.

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5 Responses to I’ve Always Wanted To Direct. . .

  1. A.S.S. says:

    Everyone really must click to see the larger view… get all the detail. Very cool!

    ~Todd & Suzy

  2. cutiepie ml says:

    Coming soon to a cinema near me!!!I hope.



  3. Cometospk says:

    I´m waiting eager the première. Do you have opening-night jitters? I suppose not yet but they are going to increase until fall comes

  4. Southern Angel says:

    Dave, you must read JD’s mind. LOL

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