This Just In: Clare Fonda To Release "EE2"

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You read it here first: Clare Fonda of Spanked Sweeties fame has just finalized shooting of the epic “Exclusive Education, Part 2” (EE2) movie and it will be ready for purchase and download on July 21.

To the left and below are some exclusive images of EE2 kindly provided by Clare of this cinematic extravaganza. Both EE1 and 2 have the largest cast I have ever seen in a spanking video (eight students, two teachers and one nurse). And there is an added dose of intrigue with so many onlookers watching and observing, and waiting expectantly, for their turn over the knee.

If looking at the amazingly hot stills from EE1 was any indication, this is certainly going to be another start-to-finish spanktastic spank-fest of higher learning in which students learn the true price of a good, old-fashioned education.
(Editor’s Note: One of CRR’s first posts, The Cherry Red Report: Clare Fonda: Busy spanking sweeties. . ., featured a few images from EE1.)

“In EE2, Prinicipal Miller (Lana), Miss Palmer (Kayla Synz) and Nurse Fonda (Clare Fonda) have a behavioral crisis that takes intervention from the entire team,” Clare Fonda told The Cherry Red Report. “With Amber Pixie Wells heading up a large cast of both spankees and starlets who knew the were in for a good one, “Exclusive Education 2″ will be available on July 21.”

Behind the scenes info from Clare Fonda:

“Exclusive Education 2” went down today and the girls were amazing. From left we have Kaiya Lynn, Amber Pixie Wells, Rosario Stone, Paris Hilton lookalike Stacy Thorn, Angelica Black, Addie Juniper and Reagan Maddox. Kay Richards is down front in the second shot copping a feel.

First of all we are really grateful to Amber Pixie Wells. She acted as my assistant all day and I can only imagine what a pain in the ass that is. She also showed everyone what a spanking star is made of. The other girls were in awe of her but they did quite well themselves.

I am really glad I had Kaiya Lynn in the shoot beause she represented the tiny girls. It was impressive to see a tiny girl over Lana’s lap and taking so much heat. Rosario Stone had a great round butt when she was wiggling over Kayla Synz’s lap she called out “Oyeee Mami!” over and over. This one of the cutest and funniest parts of the shoot and Amber and I were cracking up we could not help it.

The action was so real. I had made it clear to every girl that she was in for a hard spanking and there were no divas on the set. The above pics are halfway through the shoot and the bottoms got a lot redder.

A classic image from “Exclusive Education, Part 1.” Part 2 looks quite promising…

The blond “Paris-Hilton” type was Stacy Thorn who I knew had done some fetish work so she could take it. I was impressed with her height and athletic looks. She looked like a Swedish beauty. Angelica Black has done a great job for us before and nothing changed. She can take it hard and is really laid back. Amber was impressed with her face, bottom and attitude. She was actually impressed with everyone.

A custom Cherry Red Report poster I made for Clare for EE1.

Addie Junpier is exquisitely beautiful and seemed to love being part of things. She looks like she walked out of the Great Gatsby. Really looking forward to seeing all these girls again. Finally Reagan Maddox showed up with a very impressive ass and adorable baby doll face.

Oh and how could I forget, the ringleader! Kay Richards- she really has the ultimate bad girl energy. When I say bad girl I mean it in a kind of lite way like a bad girl out of a 1950’s musical or a really hot Rizzo from Grease.

She is hilarious and the perfect brat who knows she is going to get a good one and pushes her limits every time. In these days of ungrateful party girls Kay is a very talented and edgy little fetish star with a strong work ethic. We can’t shoot her enough. She is amazing right now on Spanked Sweeties, but she did say today was her hardest spanking ever.

We want to shoot everyone again. We were like pigs in shit. Kayla Synz was a very sexy and effective new teacher and Lana was a goddess in a green suit.

In other news, Clare Fonda has finalized some shoots with beautiful Chloe Elise, who has a brand new blog, and below are some samples of a new model, the strikingly naughty Annabelle Lee, who looks quite overdue for some discipline.

Clare Fonda knows what needs to be done.

In case anyone needs any additional motivational inspiration.

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5 thoughts on “This Just In: Clare Fonda To Release "EE2"”

  1. This is a must see. There’s just something about ‘in front of the class’ scenarios, with a whole line up of pupils looking on and anxiously anticipating their own turn in the spotlight.

    I love Clare’s descriptions of the different girls and their various attributes and personalities. It sounds like she had a lot of fun making this and is genuinely proud of her work.

  2. Thx for commenting Valdor.

    I totally agree–with all the ‘students’ watching and waiting makes for a highly intriguing scenario. Yup–Clare definitely has heaps of fun with our spanking kink! 🙂

  3. I’m another one who can’t wait to see Exclusive education 2. There is just something about 8 naughty schoolgirls getting spanked that does something for me 🙂

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