Pixie on Cover of "Philly Edge" Magazine (!)

Pixie and Philly Edge Magazine

No, I didn’t engage in any PhotoShop fun or graphical tinkering on this gorgeous image — this is the real deal, people.

That’s Pixie of Punished Brats fame posing (pouting perhaps) on the cover of “Philly Edge” along with Beverly Bacci, and inside a detailed article/insightful interview with Pixie and David Pierson on our favorite topic.

My dreams….come true — a major story on spanking in a mainstream publication. How rare is that? And featuring the lovely and talented Pixie. Life is good.

For all the details and links to the story at Pixie’s excellent blog, click here: (simply one of the finest spanking blogs, by the way):

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6 thoughts on “Pixie on Cover of "Philly Edge" Magazine (!)”

  1. Mainstream… that would be nice- instead of the usual ‘leather couch’ critiques we get with respect to our hobbies and interests.

    I’m going to check “Pixie” out for myself. Great stuff here… LOVE the motivational posters.

    And the Tushy of the week…. OUTSTANDING!


    PS. She looks like and anal bleacher to me… (tush of the week).. 😉

  2. thx for your comments everyone. 🙂 I’m really happy for Pixie and David Pierson. I have a feeling this issue is gonna’ sell-out.

    I can’t think of another mainstream publication that had an article such as this on spanking…can anyone?


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