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There is always news in the spanking world regarding literary works by some top seasoned spanking scribes.

The universally-praised book by erotica author Fiona Locke, entitled “Over the Knee,” a “semi-autobiographical account” of her fantasies and experiences in the otk scene, is a smash success.

According to Fiona, the first printing of 9,000(!) books is sold-out and the publisher is preparing a second printing.

Congrats Fiona!

Prolific spanking novelist Eve Howard of Shadow Lane fame informs CRR:

“I am currently re-editing Shadow Lane volumes 1-5 for reprinting in the UK by Chimera Publishing. (Blue Moon is in Chapter 11 and had let a number of my books go out of print. The English publisher is going to bring them back. )”

Members of Shadow Lane won’t need to wait as they can read all of her work online in the “Member’s Clubhouse.” Very cool.

What’s Devlin O’Neill, creator of the excellent “A Maid for All Seasons” books, working on these days? A sci-fi spanking “opus” called “Venus on the Run.” More details from Devlin:

“Beautiful and sassy young space trader D’Lana is ambushed by her former lover, now employed by a rival spacing company, while en route to negotiate an ore deal in a distant star system, and her ship is disabled. She must put down on a remote planet populated by exiled religious zealots, who do their best to tame the feisty alien visitor.

No stranger to corporal punishment, D’Lana still is shocked and awed by the intense and continual application of self-righteous palm, switch and paddle to her own and every other female bottom around.

Again, it’s a work in progress, but you know she’ll wind up with the bastard former lover eventually, and no doubt across his lap. *G*

Paige Tyler, who specializes in romantic spanking fiction, has a new book out delightfully called “Stop or I’ll Spank.” It sounds like a Robert Parker novel, but with heaps of heated seats. From her website:

In this sequel to Crying Wolf, Stephanie Burke finds herself involved in the investigation into the disappearances of two executives who work in her office building.

There are a lot of reasons why she shouldn’t be involved, the biggest one being that her boyfriend, Declan Sinclair, the detective in charge of the investigation, has told her to keep her nose out of it.

But Stephanie has a history of not doing as she’s told and getting herself into trouble for it. Whether it’s for inviting Declan’s sister and her boyfriend over to dinner without telling him, or for painting the living room a color she knows he won’t like, she tends to do what she wants anyway. And even if she ends up over his knee for a good, sound spanking in each case, he shouldn’t be surprised when she doesn’t listen to him this time, either.

But this investigation is more dangerous than redecorating their apartment. People are disappearing and there is talk of murder. And if she isn’t careful, a spanking is the least she’s going to get.

Niki Flynn , a pro spanking/fetish model who dabbles in some of the darker aspects of spanking and S&M, has a unique memoir soon to be hitting shelves entitled “Dancing with Werewolves” (published by mega-publisher Virgin Books).

What’s the pitch Ms. Flynn used to get a massive publishing company to take on this project? This is what she wrote that sealed the deal:

Pain. And pleasure. In that order. The only thing I love more than having my bottom smacked is having it smacked on camera. And caned. And whipped. I’m a professional spanking model, you see. I get paid to touch my toes for six of the best with a whippy school cane. Or to bend over someone’s knee for a sound spanking. There’s nothing better than getting paid to do what turns you on. Especially when what turns you on is kinky, transgressive and sometimes dangerous. Subversive women’s memoirs have become very popular, but there has never been one about the world of spanking films. My story, Dances With Werewolves, is edgy and unusual – an intimate glimpse into an industry coloured by myths and misconceptions. In it I share my secrets about the girls who bare their bottoms for a living and the men and women who smack us.

CRR chatted briefly with Niki about “Dances with Werewolves.”

Can you give us a thumbnail sketch of the book?

It’s a memoir of my experiences in the spanking film industry, as well as in my personal life. I talk about formative experiences, past incarnations, fantasies and realities. But it’s a memoir, not an expose’.

Are there any any other similar books on the market?

There are memoirs out there by a variety of “subversive” women – pro dommes, strippers, porn stars, amateur sexual adventurers. But this is the very first “spanking model” memoir and I’m very proud to be the first.

When will the book be available?

The book is due out in the UK the first week of October and probably a month later in the States. Readers should write to Virgin Books and pester them about a launch party/book signing!

Finally, the book this blogger is currently researching and writing 😉
Some of these books, and others related to our favorite kink, are available at The Cherry Red Report’s online book store, powered by Amazon. Point your browsers here for the complete selection:

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