Spreadeagle. And Strapped.

The dungeon just doesn’t do it for me. Dark and dreary. Depressing. Not erotic in my view.

I thought I was strictly an old-school, old-fashioned otk guy; however, something about the ritualistic nature of these images from Spanking Server does it for me.

Is this the underground lair of the secretly pervy school dean? Some kind of punishment camp? Or wait — a doctor’s office gone wild? The possibilities are endless.

Strapped, spreadeagle, everything exposed, with all the naughty bits on view, certainly adds an extra alluring nature to these images.

It’s ritualistic yet kinky. Sexy yet authoritarian. Erotic.

The mind wanders at the variations, the fantasies, the scenarios. I’m curious what readers think.

I never would have thought I’d find this as hot as I do.

I recall distinctly in high school fantasizing about a sorority punishing one of their own sisters by holding her down spreadeagle on a bed, clad in just her baby t-shirt and pink socks — tush quivering, arched over a pillow or two perhaps.

She’s not tied down, but held, restrained.

The sorority president approaches confidently to swat the impudent brat’s blushing globes.

Or a fraternity president being beckoned over to punish the miscreant, the entire sorority observing…..as he slowly snaps his belt off. . .

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10 thoughts on “Spreadeagle. And Strapped.”

  1. I like these kind of pics of restraints A LOT! 🙂 One of the hottest shots I think I have ever seen was a woman tied over the end of the bed, bent over a few pillows. Her legs were spread, her arms outstretched, and there were restraints in the same places on her as in this pic. Set me right off!!


  2. Dave,

    Agree with you on the dungeon thing. Not my thing. I can get into restraints to a point, but as an ‘over the knee’ spanking guy, I prefer to use my strength and hands to keep a young lady firmly in place to tan her behind.

    I think these pics are appealling due to the revealling nature (spread eagle, tied down). Bondage and rope play are great for those involved in monogamous relationships – where trust and a good level of comfort (limitations/expectations) are established.



  3. I’ve never been restrained for a spanking as of yet. At least not ropes ect.. I haven’t a clue as to how I’d respond. I’m in agreement with Michael about the whole matter of trust. I could see it adding some different “spice” to the spanking in it’s right place.
    Entertaining pics Dave.

  4. Why are you surprised you like these, Dave? LOL

    D & I have used restraints lots of times – it’s a whole ‘nother level of control and makes me really hot!


  5. thx for your comments one and all! now the question is, where does one acquire such a piece of ‘furniture’ as featured in this post? 🙂

  6. It looks like a simple table with appendages placed on each angle.

    ZED is into making his ‘furniture’ and this looks easy enough to make.


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