My Next Job? Professor at Girls Boarding School

Welcome to the Girls Boarding School!

Follow the rules, or talk to the ruler.

Gorgeous image. Waiting. . .

Guess GBS is aware of my ‘thing’ for tight jeans. . . .

This tight perky bottom measures up perfectly.

It’s a challenge picking some of my favest images from the Girls Boarding School — well, it is a tough job but someone has to do it, though their most popular model (featured in this post) is probably the lovely Linda.

Loaded with daily(!) updates, the Girls Boarding School (GBS) is a serious, no-nonsense site, with quite the eclectic collection of spanking scenes, high quality videos and very high-res pix. If you are into no-nonsense, old-school, straight-ahead spankings, with less of a focus on erotic undertones, they have it covered.

The staff at CRR agrees their hottest models are Linda, Lisa and Angie (who will be spotlighted in a future post).

You won’t find detailed plot lines here or humorous banter–it’s all business at GBS.

Implements utilized run the gamut from carpet beaters to firm hands to straps and such.

Pictured directly above is the beautiful Linda in the classic plaid skirt from one of their most recent updates.

The tightjeans/ruler images are less recent Linda images, but simply exquisite.

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5 thoughts on “My Next Job? Professor at Girls Boarding School”

  1. Boy do I hate finding myself in the half-on/half-off the bed position. Used to happen when I’d be particularly fiesty and “wrassle” or play fight. I would, of course, try to get away in the end by crawling off the bed–only to find my backside in perfect striking position.

    Ah, those were the days.


  2. Also, the GBS headmaster guy is sooooo cute/handsome. But–I think he’s wearing leather pants in one of the pictures. Leather pants and a sweater vest. Buzz kill! Either way, I would love to find myself carelessly draped over his lap…

  3. Ruby, you’re right! He is wearing leather pants, isn’t he. :-/ How thoughtful of you to drape yourself over his lap to hide his fashion choice.

  4. I don’t know if I’d be able to gracefully pull off the half on half off bed position, lol-I’m uhmm…not so tall…Great pics, thanks for sharing !

  5. Ruby — lol. I agree. The leather pants are just not happening. Someone call the fashion police. Must be a European thing.

    Amber–I think you’d look delightful over his lap, or mine, or any lap, for that matter, leather pants or not. 🙂

    SpankingAmber–I would not think height would be a detriment to your spanktastic nature:)

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