I’ve Always Wanted To Direct. Really.

Movies I’d love see, or ideas for movies I’d love to direct.

Or at least have a walk-on role.

Or a cameo.

OK, OK, I’ll even hold up cue cards….

I do love movie posters, especially the vintage stuff. And you may not be aware of the fact that this blogger was a film minor in college, over-analyzing to death, frame by frame, millisecond by millisecond, vintage noir movie classics.

Be that as it may, my cinematic career alas has yet to go much further than Blockbuster Video.

Hopefully these fun images created by the graphic design staff at CRR will help heat up your summer movie enjoyment.

(Image Credits Courtesy of: SpankAmber, BadTushy, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Next Door Nikki, SpankHut, Brazil photo from SpankingOnline, The Spanking Couple, Lightspeed Sorority, Image from mid-90’s spanking magazine, possibly ‘Spank Hard.’)

* * *

For the freshest films, get your spank on at CherryRedMovies.

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6 thoughts on “I’ve Always Wanted To Direct. Really.”

  1. Hello!
    I have been a lurker on this site for quite some time, and just recently began my very own spanking blog. Care to swap links?
    Let me know,

  2. Hi again Dave! your creations are wonderful, it´s a pity you can´t direct these wonderful films. You´ve got a very good gift for spanking situations and scenarios.
    Regards from Spain!!!!!!!!!

  3. Good work Mr.Dave..there maybe another line of work for you on the horizon. Remember all us ‘little’ people when you get there mate!!

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