Soap, Strappings and Sex at The Spanking Couple

There’s been plenty of activity at The Spanking Couple web site — from a rarely seen mouth soaping and sizzling strappings for sassy Sierra Salem, to sexy, explicitly erotic spanking between Veronica and Dr. Daniels. (That looks like Ivory Soap for Sierra’s fresh mouth…..)

Veronica looks so fantastic as always, whether she’s sternly tanning a pert tush or getting soundly punished and spanked by Dr. Daniels.

I’m not really into the mouth-soaping thing all that much, as part of the spanking kink, though I’m curious to hear what readers think ? ?

Here is Veronica’s take on mouth soaping:

Mouth-soaping: I am a firm believer in a good washing out of the mouth if a young lady is using bad language that is unbecoming to her. In addition, if there is a tendency towards sassy mouth, talking back, and sarcasm – soap is the answer coupled with a good spanking on the bottom. [Editor’s Note To Self: Don’t mess with Veronica!]

A picture-perfect, exquisite domestic discipline photo above. 10 out of 10 cherries. I love their expressions, the positioning, Sierra’s bottoms at half-mast, and the strap. If I’m not mistaken, that strap seen above is from The London Tanners.
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Veronica had the details on the latest spanking action:

We are putting up a special two part update this week that is an erotic/sensual spanking scene. It is the kind of scene that sets our site completely apart from all the other spanking sites out there because it does depict sensual spanking and the sex that typically occurs with this kind of spanking. It is definitely the kind of scene that we set out to show what real couples do when they use spanking as part of their intimate sexual relationship.

This is a scene with Sierra where I spank her and strap her for being lazy and un-motivated in her life. I confront her on not having any goals or direction and partying all the time. She finally admits to it all and I make her get on her knees and write down 5 goals before she can get out of her time out.

Absolutely classic, intriguingly expressive image below as well — plus skin tight jeans, with cute pink panties peeking out (naughty!), and Dr. Daniels firmly restraining Sierra’s hand. Hot stuff. 9 out of 10 cherries. (Sierra’s face and typically pouty look is cropped out unfortunately in this pic.)

Hm…Perhaps Dr. D is upset at Veronica for not keeping Sierra in line? Anyway, they both end up with sizzling backsides at the capable, seasoned yet loving hands of Dr. D.

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8 thoughts on “Soap, Strappings and Sex at The Spanking Couple”

  1. ?? ??, Sierr? Salem ????????????? ???????… ? ?????? ??????? ????? ?? ??????? ? ? ????? ?????????? ??????

  2. Great spanking/discipline photos!!
    The expressions on both of the ladies faces tell the tail so clearly.

    As far as mouthsoaping… for myself, I don’t really think I’d want to incorporate into our spanking reprimands. I’m very verbally expressive and it’s really such a big part of my enjoyment in the actual spanking event (the yelling, crying, fussing, and yes sometimes cussing) that I think I’d end up eating a bar of soap before the night was over 🙂

    Sierra sure took it well though it seems!

    Great blog!


  3. JD and I have done mouth soaping a few times as punishment for cussing and I absolutely hated it. It tastes bad, it gets stuck in your teeth, and once I kept it in my mouth for so long, I got little sores on my lips where they touched the soap! Overall, not fun and probably not a good idea.


  4. While I’m not fond of the taste of soap, I know that it’s something that can work for me (as discipline only–not for roleplaying or fun). There are, of course, things to consider when doing mouth-soaping, but I’ve never had any sores or anything like that. I dated one guy who would put liquid soap on a toothbrush and make me brush my teeth & tongue with it. (Repeating it several times) Ick! Others have put the soap on a washcloth and scrubbed my tongue that way. And then other people prefer the bar of soap in the mouth. No matter what they all taste nasty. Here’s an interesting alternative, though. The Harry Potter “Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavor Beans” have a soap flavored jelly bean. It’s very realistic tasting! Chewing a small handful might work even better than real soap!


  5. I have been on the recieving end of that nasty tasting bar of soap more times than I care to admit. I love to swear and will continue swearing no matter how much my mouth is assulted with soap. The punishment it a throwback to the old days when discipline was the mainstream. I feel that a good hard spanking goes well with having the mouth washed out with soap. Dial by far is the worst tasting soap in my opion. But as a note to Veronica she can but me across her knee and wash my mouth out with soap anytime.

  6. Just a few comments on the mouth soaping issue: I have done it many many times. It is VERY important that you use Ivory soap or a soap that is all natural. Soaping cannot last long periods of time or it will burn the tongue or lips as mentioned in the comments above. A responsible Top must make sure this does not happen!

    I do believe spanking and soaping can go hand in hand for an effective disciplinary session.

    Alexandrea, obviously the mouth soaping is not working on your potty mouth! Maybe you do need to go over my knee and let me soap that mouth and see if it makes any difference!

    Thanks for the awesome report on our site, Daddio!
    We love your blog!

    Veronica Daniels

  7. Thanks for you comments, one and all. I had a feeling this mouthsoaping pic would spark some commentary. . .


  8. Mouthsoaping!
    It belongs to my strongest fantasies: Beeing scolded, mouthsoaped, spanked and sent to the corner. Never had that for real and I am not sure if I would want to have it for real. But we can have dreams, can’t we???


    PS: Would you please change the link to my blog in you bloglist to:

    Thanks a lot!!!!

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