Dagnabit, It’s A Caption Contest !

The Cherry Red Report’s Second Annual “Dagnabit, It’s A Caption Contest!”

This is perhaps the most unusual, strange and humorous, vintage spanking-style image I have seen (found originally as I recall on a European spanking blog, and naturally I’m forgetting which one).

I’d be curious to get folks reactions to this odd, or as we say in Boston, a ‘wicked bizah’ photo.

Care to take a shot at adding a caption and/or some brief dialogue or whatnot? Come on, it’s fun !

The Cherry Red Report’s first spanking caption contest, fueled by an intriguing vintage hairbrush illustration, garnered about 10 or so entries, with the Veronica from The Spanking Couple winning the prize (my eternal gratitude) with a deliciously clever entry. Anyway, let’s hope we can get more entries this time.

I’ll give it a go and start it off:

“Dangitall Hazel ! How many times have I told you to take in them horses and fix them crooked dusty old pictures on the wall? Perhaps I need to get Sheriff Waylon to take you out back to the woodshed for a dose of his razor strop. And you better by golly have some britches on this time. . .”

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11 thoughts on “Dagnabit, It’s A Caption Contest !”

  1. “Tanning your backside hasn’t worked for the first 60 years of this marriage, but now it’s year 61 and THINGS ARE GOING TO BE DIFFERENT.”

  2. “How dare you laugh at me little lady! I’ll show you who is the man of this house even if I have to wear my hand out on my backside! Maybe a good old fashioned spanking is what you need to show you who wears the pants in this house!!”

  3. She says knowing that she is wearing three inches thick reinforced edwardian underware, “yes dear this realy is going to hurt you more than it hurts me.”


  4. She’s thinking, “Good thing he hit the wall first.”

    Or: “If he was smart enough to pull up my skirt, I might listen better.”

    It sure is an odd pic, either way!


  5. She’s Thinking “I’ve started to have air come out of my bottom for no reason. I sure hope the right reverend Fairfax can help.”

    He’s saying “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeel.”

  6. “Gosh darn-it! I have had it with your lazy housekeeping! What is that bored look on your face?! Am I keeping you up? Well, this ought to wake you up so you can fix those darn pictures once and for all old woman!

    Veronica Daniels

  7. Dorothea, darling… you may think it is merry fun to askew pictures of my dear Mum… but, rest assured… I will put a new crack in your backside if this continues!!

    ~Todd & Suzy

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