Pixie’s Perfect Post-Punishment Pink Posterior Pix

Glamour Shots. The unstoppable Pixie of Punished Brats fame is unveiling a Bonus Photo Gallery section for members of Punished Brats, featuring some simply spanktastic photos of their models in non-spanked poses as pouting starlets, sassy cheerleaders, short-shorts(!) 🙂 clad brats, and so much more.

The pic above with Pixie and Juliet striking a pose is just a small taste of what Pixie is working on.

They look like two defiant, naughty teenage daughters waiting for Dad to get home. Uh oh. . . .

Pixie told The Cherry Red Report:
“It was a lot of fun shooting with Juliet just as it was with Beverly last month. It’s much more relaxed [in a photo shoot] than when we are doing a standard video shoot and are so focused on lines and the impending doom for our bottoms. There’s more time for chatting, giggling, and acting silly which is always fun. And of course, at the end of the day we come away with some pretty cool photos.”

Think Pink with Pixie. Pixie also featured recently on her blog, SpankingPixie, some absolutely picture-perfect, post-spanking photos featuring a completely perfectly pink Pixielicious ensemble. On a quick side note, Pixie’s blog is one of the finest spanking blogs that I have seen due to its creativity, insight and intelligence.

Anyway, we have perfection personified in these post-punishment pink posterior Pixie pics. Say that 5 times fast.

These images really capture a moment, a feeling, a passion that we all share for whatever reason. They are mysterious and erotic and compelling. OK, so tell me how you really feel…

Well, why exactly do I like these images so much?

Um….well….in addition to the fact that I have a little bit of a spanking fetish, we have a perfect post-punishment, bottoms-up pose. Pouty yet intriguing expression. Pink-hued, pert, perky posterior arched up a bit. Snug pink boyshort panties. Pink socks. And we have Pixie, of course. Perfect.


Pixie wrote recently in her blog:
“I was in a pink mood this morning. Pink t-shirt. Pink panties. Even pink accents on my socks. My boyfriend thought that since I’m so color coordinated, my bottom ought to match my outfit too! I think it had far more to do with the fact that I often like to run around the apartment sans pants than anything related to color schemes, but I’ll give him credit for creativity.”

* * *

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9 thoughts on “Pixie’s Perfect Post-Punishment Pink Posterior Pix”

  1. Punished Brats is not a perfect spanking site. Their galleries are typically small and very repetitive. They’ve added some cute girls to supplement the Queen of Cuteness (and we all know who that is), but they generally jump through the same visual hoops over and over again. They’ve got a standard spanking format, and after paying to see it for three months, I didn’t care to renew. Spanking Online gives me more bare-bottom value for my money.

  2. I’m going to give the OTHER opinion regarding Punished Brats in response to Billy’s comment up above.

    Now, I’m sure like any other spanking website, punishedbrats will gladly accept ANY constructive feedback just like any other spanking website out there on the Internet.

    Here is my response to the above comments though. I have been a lifelong spanko with a deep passion for spanking for as long as I can remember. Most people in the spanking community know me as Houndog, and more recently by my stage name of Richard Windsor. It is in MY honest opinion that Punished Brats offers some of the most unique spanking material out there on the Internet.

    I want to address the two main points made above, firstly, the galleries are repetitive!! What are you expecting from spanking galleries? Are you expecting the spankee to be doing a handstand while the spanker does an Irish jig in a spanking gallery? If an over the knee spanking is what is being given, then those are the pictures you are going to get. The pics are taken from various angles, from the top, the bottom, the side, and during various points in the spanking. All of the pics are of the highest quality and I know for a fact that the webmaster, Pixie, labors for hours on end selecting and editing the best pics for the viewers pleasure.

    Maybe if you could watch the cameraman, Eric Blair-Brown, stand on a chair on tiptoes, balancing himself to capture an angle for the viewers enjoyment, or see him lay on the floor sticking his head through a tripod to try to get the best shot possible, then maybe a little more understanding would go into what a photo shoot takes. I, for one, find that the pictures that Punished Brats take and edit to be of the highest standard. I can’t address the galleries being small, because if you find them to be repetitive anyway, wouldn’t more just make them more repetitive?

    Do remember as well, this isn’t just a point and shoot then post operation. EVERY single pic that goes up is edited to provide the viewer the best visual treat they can get. That’s EVERY pic, one by one, edited by one person. That’s my opinion on the picture quality on Punished Brats, of course you are free to disagree with me, however, I also disagree with your opinion that they are repetitive.

    Now to rebut the second point. ‘Jump’ through the same visual hoops? You have got to be kidding me there, right? The same ‘standard’ format?

    Now while Punished Brats does have a good number of domestic scenes and schoolgirl scenes, and guess what by the way, that’s what a large population of the spanking community loves to see. They also have some of the most imaginative and innovative scenes that a spanking company could offer. Let me think off the top of my head some of the characters they have had as spankees, Goldilocks, Dorothy, Alice, a girl from a wizardry school, a singing diva, a girl from the future, a machine where characters can enter into ones mind, scenes from 1950’s TV, brats up the ying yang, schoolgirls, cheerleaders, futuristic scenes, college students, roommates, nieces, 3 girls spanked at once. From the top side you have had a cop, riding school instructor, Father Christmas, teachers, uncles, fathers, mothers, aunts…. I can just go on and on about the variety that Punished Brats offers. You are certainly entitled to your opinion that you don’t like the site, but it is FAR from a standard spanking format, it is perhaps the most innovative spanking site out there on the market and they continuously strive to keep the content, scenes and ideas fresh. I totally disagree with you on this point.

    Now then, there will be some detractors that might associate my name as one of the Punished Brats actors, and they of course would be right. But don’t think for one minute that my opinion is a blind one here, I could just as easily say nothing and let someone else speak up in favor of Punished Brats. As noted earlier though, I am a true spanking fanatic and I am speaking my mind as to what I genuinely believe to be true. Punished Brats is a fantastic spanking site, I have been a member since day 1 myself. I speak with the same high regard for goodspanking.com, shadowlane.com and Clare Fonda’s network of websites, and for each of those websites I know nobody associated with any of them, they are independent feelings as are my feelings for Punished Brats. The only difference being that I know some of their team on a personal level.

    At one point or another I think I have been a member of every spanking paysite on the Internet, Punished Brats ranks high up there on the list of quality spanking material, and the site has only been up there for a little more than a year.

    I’m done for now, but I’m pretty sure I will be back later 🙂 The words “Standard spanking format” just caught me there and there was no way that I couldn’t respond. You don’t have to like the content by any means, but to call it standard when the site clearly displays an imaginative and creative direction, well, I just have to point it out to anyone reading what my true feelings are.

    This spanking fan loves the imagination of the Punished Brats website.


  3. It is impossible to be everyone’s idea of “perfect”. We simply provide quality content that we take pleasure in producing and that many members have found enjoyable as well.

    If there is something in particular you’d like to see that you feel would add enjoyment for the members of our site, why not drop us a line via email? We’re always happy to receive feedback and suggestions.

    I won’t address each point in your comment as I think this is a matter best discussed via email rather than Dave’s wonderful blog.

  4. Sure, I do. You wrote that you like Pixie’s site not only for the pictures but for “its creativity, insight and intelligence.” I second that whole heartedly. I’d read her posts just to enjoy her thoughts even if she never talked about spanking at all.

    Nice mini-shrine, Dave.

  5. You’re all welcome to your love affair with Pixie. I had three months of PB spanking and decided to look elsewhere. Not that I hadn’t saved some good photos and videos in the meantime, but the PB imagery seemed to be stuck in a rut; moving from the chair to the couch to the bed with the same positioning, the same camera angles. Just because it’s a cute girl being spanked doesn’t automatically satisfy me.

    As for the claim that “all of the [PB] pics are of the highest quality,” that’s just flat-out wrong. I saw out-of-focus shots and shots where something out of camera range was clearly of more interest to the spanker than the bottom on her lap. Mistakes can happen, certainly, but I haven’t needed to spend my money on every single spanking pay site in existence in order to know when I’m spending it wisely.

    Punished Brats does indeed have something to offer to fans of traditional, old-fashioned bottom warming. I saw what they had, kept what I wanted, and moved on.

  6. Billy,

    If indeed this is the way you felt, I congratulate you for relaying your thoughts and sharing it with others. I saw nothing “bomb throwing” about your note and view all comments as constructive whether there be a difference of opinion or not.

    Personally, I have not viewed Punished Brats, so I am unable to offer any opinion. I DO however value an opinion that offers praise as well as constructive criticism (they’re more believable). What I gathered from Billy’s comments were not negative at all (he said it wasn’t a ‘perfect’ site, he didn’t say it was bad), but rather a chance for the folks at Punished Brats to enhance the flavor of their site.

    Richard, your opinion was also helpful— and it’s admirable you would defend the site. My initial glances tell me there’s some very enticing eye candy and bottom warming for fans of OTK. Everyone has a different perception of what they like I guess.

    Dave thanks for providing the pics and content that makes it all possible.

    It’s funny, I was just toying with the idea of creating a bit of a forum to discuss spanking related media content and to circulate opinions on such sites.



  7. This may be incredibly basic, but I find Pixie to one very sexie bottoms I have ever seen. With Veronica now on the the set I feel the web site is really going to glow red 🙂

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