Spanking in Japanese? "Oshiritataki"

What is our fetish like in the Far East?

How is spanking viewed in the House of the Rising Spank?

Inquiring bloggers such as this one do want to know more about our oshiritataki kink in Japan.

The following is an exclusive interview with Tad, who runs a lovely F/f Japanese commercial spanking website, Hand-Spanking.

The Cherry Red Report typically does not run detailed interviews, as several other blogs do a great job with interviews; however, the universal nature of the spanking fetish throughout the world — global warming — is especially fascinating to the CRR editorial board.

Featuring heaps of straight-ahead, no-nonsense domestic, office, and home spanking scenarios of every sort, loaded with tasty plotlines, good scolding, and pinkish and reddened rears, Tad’s site is quite similar to American bottom-warming sites, such as Clare Fonda and Chelsea Pfeiffer’s sites.

The site offers high-res fotos and vids, as well as DVD compilations — somescenes have some subtle erotic undertones.

Be that as it may, the spanking action is fairly light, and as the URL suggests, you will find strictly palm-to-bottom F/f spank action on this site, with narry a male spanko in site. The spankees? Beautiful.

On a side note, Brushstrokes recently opined in his blog The Spanking Spot that a M/f Asian spanking site would fill a void in the marketplace and do very well — we wholeheartedly agree!

Without further ado, here is the interview:

The Cherry Red Report: For starters, I’d like to know how to say “spanking” in Japanese? How about “naughty”? 🙂

Tad: We say Spanking as “Oshiritataki” or “Oshiripenpen” and
Naughty as “Ikenai” or “Otenba”.- LOL-

What is your role at Hand-Spanking?

I am the owner and webmaster. I mean, I do all the things except modeling and hosting the website. This is my own business. I write the script, shoot and edit the videos and photos, design and update the website and make DVD’s by myself.

How did you get involved in the spanking scene?

An old Japansese TV drama included a Mother spanking Daughter scene and that made a great impact on me when I was a child.

Have you always had spanking fantasies since you were very little?

Yes I always wanted to spank girls, hehehe.

Do you think the spanking scene scene is a lot different in Japan than in the U.S. — or is it the same? How so?

Unfortunately, spanking in Japan is less popular than in the U.S. That is
one of the reasons why we make English pages on our Web site. Most of Japanese spanking fan is fond of OTK spanking in the Japanese Tatami room. It may be far different from overseas.

It is fascinating how similar the scenarios in your videos are as compared to American sites–seems like we share essentially the exact same fantasies ?

It’s not easy to answer the question. I might possibly have been greatly
influenced by American spanking books and videos.

Why do you just focus on hand-spanking? Are you ever tempted to use a hairbrush or strap or another implement?

It’s easy to answer. Hand spanking is my favorite. I don’t like spanking
with any implements. I know it’s risky for the business but it’s my policy.

How do you think mainstream culture in Japan feels about the spanking fetish?

Most of Japanese people look at the spanking with curiosity.

I have seen some incredible spanking manga/anime artwork–does that Asian artwork style interest you?

Oh honestly speaking I am not interested in them. My apologies.

I am surprised the 3 major Japanese spanking sites that I know of are all F/f. Have you considered making some M/f movies with stern males spanking females?

I have never considered and will never do. Because I like
only F/F spanking. And F/F spanking is more popular than M/F or F/M in Japan.

I wonder why that is? And are there any Asian male-spanking-female (M/f) spanking sites that you know of?

*I am sorry that I have no idea.

There does seem to be quite a few Asian spanking blogs, which is great to see. Do you read any of those?

I know and frequently visit some Japanese spanking blogs.

Do you read The Cherry Red Report? 🙂

Sorry that I have read very few so far — but will visit often from now on!

Thank you very much for your time, Tad, and good spanking to you!

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9 thoughts on “Spanking in Japanese? "Oshiritataki"”

  1. Interesting interview. Mr. Ishida certainly knows what he likes! Had no idea that spanking was less popular in Japan. Had always assumed it was the opposite.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  2. I was surprised by his answer to the manga question. He certainly knows what he doesn’t like too!

    Great report from CRR’s Far Eastern correspondent:-)

  3. Thank you for posting about my site and interview. OshiriTataKi means OTK as well as spanking?
    I will learn more about spankings in Japanese anime/manga.

  4. Thanks all for your feedback and comments. Greatly appreciated!!

    It’s really fascinating getting the international perspective. Stay tuned for more info on the global warming front…..

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