Vintage Ads and Spankosexual Thoughts

Artwork from a tire company ad from 1953.

The editorial staff at The Cherry Red Report loves everything vintage and retro. From vintage hairbrushes to old spanking photos, it’s all good.

And when this blogger eyes vintage ads from the fifties and sixties, it’s fun to imagine some kinky, disciplinary undertones. I just can’t help but have some pervy, spankosexual thoughts….errm…..for most of the day. OK it’s actually 24/7. Anyway….

Ad execs in those days did clearly utilize sexual dynamics in their ads for sure — it was just a heck of a lot more subtle than today’s in-your-face material.

Here are two excellent illustrations from the golden age of classic print advertisements — with captions revealing what this blogger thinks might be REALLY going on.

Kindly leave a comment if you have some spanktastic thoughts on this topic, and/or suggestions for captions.

A Pontiac ad from 1960.

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10 thoughts on “Vintage Ads and Spankosexual Thoughts”

  1. Very nice blog you have going here, Dave. Thanks again for checking my stuff out, and of course you can feel free to link up to my blog, or use any illustrations you want.

    I was away from the ‘net for a bit when you were commenting on my page, so sorry for the late reply. There are a few more updates up, btw, so enjoy!


  2. Nice blog 😀

    And… No, I didn’t sit on a owen… but I was spanked som min. before the picture was taken… might have something to do with the color on my ass :p

  3. By God!
    It just gets better and better around here!

    Vintage Rocks, Dave!

    (and,…how ’bout those YANKEES!!)

    [sorry, couldn’t resist.]


  4. Love the one with the comment about the spanking and the butt plug. Definitely what naughty girls need. I also enjoy retro art work as well as current art and have the unmitigated gall to play around with it on PSP and put in captions. I will have to post a few on my blog.

    And I do so hope you (and I both) get that over the fallen log opportunity, hmm maybe the fall would be even better, the woods are so pretty.
    Best wishes,
    Purple Angel

    Ps-you have a terrific blog!

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