Black is Beautiful

The pic above features the ever firm Top “Lana” from Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties doing some serious tight white-panty warming, with the spankee’s friend (who is next in line to get punished) curiously observing this bottom-tingling, tantalizing tableaux.

The editorial and field research staff at the world headquarters of The Cherry Red Report are continually befuddled by the lack of African-Americans featured in spanking photos and videos (as either Tops or spankees).

Black is beautiful.

Diversity is sexy, whatever color or culture.

This fetish is universal and knows very little geographic bounds or cultural barriers. CRR’s global traffic, probably like most other adult and/or spanking blogs, feature visitors from all over the world, from Mongolia to Manhattan, from Dusseldorf to Dubai.

Global warming is real.

Be that as it may, I’m not sure if it’s a cultural thing or what, but I think more diversity in the spanking scene would be a terrific benefit for all parties involved. (Sizzling pic on above left is from Bad Tushy; the image of the de-thonged Brazilian beauty is from Spanking Online. File under: Yummy)

According to some top players in the spanking community, it’s not for want of trying–apparently it is just not easy finding people of color who are into spanking.

But why?? It’s a conundrum. Wrapped up in an enigma.

Whatever the case may be, I say we in the spanking community, from producers to spankees to, heck, even we bloggers, try to redouble our efforts, as the more cultural diversity the better.

And the hotter.

* * * *
I am smitten with both spankee, and spanker, in this now vintage and luscious Bad Tushy series. Pretty in pink with an enticing pout. She also gets her temp taken…in the obvious spot.
For more Bad Tushy that’s always good, click here:

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6 thoughts on “Black is Beautiful”

  1. How is it I’m the only one who thinks you should win a Pulitzer? That’s crazy. Your pics are lovely and honestly, something I’ve never really seen before. I do have to say, though, the Red Sox girl about to punish the Yankees girl–priceless. 🙂

  2. It’s very interessanting the spanking to a beauty black girl, the problem is not to see the red color of the bottom, but diversitiy is very good. By the way, try an Spanish Spanker!!

  3. Nice pics. 🙂

    I think it’s a complex issue as there are factors such as socio-economic status (it’s hard to be kinky when you’re just trying to survive) and the long history of white on black violence and subjugation (a punishment scene takes on a whole new historical dimension when a white person punishes a black person) to consider. (For a longer discussion see this oldie of mine looking at this topic.)

    As amigospanko points out, while there are few African-Americans in the spanko world so far, there are quite a number of Latinas and Asian women in the scene. So, there is diversity even if it doesn’t include African-Americans at this time.

  4. I really love black spankees, and spankers like who appears in the photo ( this video really makes me go mad 😉 ).
    I expect that actual situation changes into more black spankees starring spanking films.
    As always you have written a very good article.
    Regards, Cometo

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