The Triumphant Return of Francesca Le

Even the media is picking up on this exciting story….below, a pic of Francesca over the lap of Chelsea Pfeiffer from

She’s back, and naughtier and hotter than ever.

The last time the CRR editorial staff saw sizzling supermodel spankee sensation Francesca Le in action, she was getting her bottom tanned with Pacific Force about a decade ago.

Ms. Le is making her triumphant return to the spanking scene with Chelsea Pfeiffer’s exquisite Good Spanking site (a firm yet erotic site–just how this blogger likes it), looking more delicious than ever squirming over Chelsea’s seasoned lap.

Welcome back, Francesca!


…..and now.

….naturally, CRR Productions is in private negotiations to direct a movie about Ms. Le, tentatively titled: A Tushy is Forever: The Return of Francesca Le”

Graphic by CherryRed Designs.

* * *

Pix of Chelsea Pfeiffer and Francesca Le are courtesy of GoodSpanking.

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5 thoughts on “The Triumphant Return of Francesca Le”

  1. Francesca is definitely one of my favorite spankees. I have watched most, if not all, of her work with Pacific Force. Doesn’t hurt of course that she is as cute as a button, especially when she pouts 🙂

  2. Good news!!! I´m very happy, she´s back!!!
    She was one of my favourite models when I began into spanking.
    Regards Dave

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