A Night at the Museum

I had a dream the other night. I wish it had been real. Alas, the dream went something like this:

…..a new Museum of Spanking opened up recently (well, at least in my pervy, kinky spankosexual imagination), really quite lovely, and CRR was given exclusive access to the museum’s inner sanctum, housing its most treasured works as well as rare antiquities from The Far East.

This week’s symposium is on the “The Hairbrush as Fetish Icon: It’s Not Just for Your Hair.”

This classic early photograph was sold at Christie’s and fetched a record 2.3 Million to an anonymous buyer.

Rare comic art is always popular among museum patrons — and collectors. In addition, photos from the “Golden Era” of the 1980’s and 1990’s are of special interest to spanking scholars.

CRR highly recommends their gift shop, loaded with a bottom-tingling selection of records, implements, gifts, collectibles and general spankobilia, including recordings from the famed rock group “The Spanktastics.”

And then I woke up. Just a dream.

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11 thoughts on “A Night at the Museum”

  1. Is this (imaginary) museum in Boston? I would visit my family much more often if it was! I hope they have special exhibits, and possibly something akin to the lightning show at the Museum of Science. Loud clapping noises and cages, only less lightning, more audience participation! Ben Franklin can stay, though. I’m sure he had his share of bare bottom in his day. Have you noticed we comment on exactly the same sites? Great minds!

  2. Dave, I’ve been enjoying your site for the past several weeks. I like your creative and graphical approach. In fact I’d give your site the prize for the current #1 general news spanko site. I used to make a point of checking spanking blog for stuff like that, but your site has eclipsed all others, except for Alison Tyler’s “Trollop with a Laptop”, which I know you also frequent. Of course Alison’s is a different kind of site (erotic memoir with a lot of spanking and such going on). Hey, how about doing a feature on Alison’s blog. I bet there are a lot of people who haven’t found it yet.

    I note that you’re in Marketing. I like how you bring the language of advertising to bear on the themes of spanko culture, for instance your motivational posters are great. And I notice you make your own banner ads for the various other sites you advertise along the side. Gives a more cohesive look to your site. Hey, keep up the good work.

    And your night at the museum feature is right up there, riffing on the memes of pop culture for that added frisson.

  3. Sólo pasé por aca para desearte un feliz día del spank


    besos y spank para ti hoy y siempre


    Only I happened for here to wish yourself a happy day of the spank

    Kisses and spank for you today and always

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