Dia Mundial del Spanking

Spanish spanktastic goodness. There are heaps of excellent Spanish spanking blogs in blogland, and they have decided to make this day “World Spanking Day” or Dia Mundial del Spanking.

Why not? Sounds like an ab fab idea to me. Also if you take two “number eights” and put them next to each other, kinda’ looks like a bottom.

This is inspiring me to create another special day, such as, hmm, how about a “For the Love of God, Please Leave a Comment on My Blog Day” ?

Anyway, this a great chance to show some love to some of the Spanish blogs that are doing their red-ass spanking thing and kicking ass whilst doing so.

The “showing some blog love” phrase is a wonderful idea that Richard Windsor came up with, in which he periodically highlights notable blogs, both old and new. Do check out Richard Windsor’s blog and show the man some love. (i.e. say hi and leave a comment).

While there is a language issue for many of us, you can also try Babelfish or Google Translate — or just enjoy the vivid spankosexual imagery.

Do stop by and say hi and leave a comment, as most of these bloggers know English and, just like us, LOVE comments. Here are some well-known Spanish blogs to get you started.

There are so many that I apologize in advance if I’m leaving you off this list! It’s not all inclusive–just supposed to be a sampler. Feel free to email me however if I’m leaving off some important ones. Also, the link lists on these blogs will lead you to yet more Spanish spanktastic goodness:

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13 thoughts on “Dia Mundial del Spanking”

  1. World Spanking Day! I’m all for celebrating that. Even though I have a working knowledge of spanish, it’s taking me so long to stumble through the blogs it’s almost not worth it. The pictures are nice though!

  2. Thank you very much Dave for your very kind comments about our blogs. We would like to be more attached to english spanking scene, in fact some of us are very loyal visitors of your blog.
    But for many spanish people is difficult writing in english, so we need to translate articles and posts. I hope this day to be a good starting connection between the two biggest spanking communities over the world

  3. Thanks a lot Dave, so kind of you ^_^ And I love that 8/8 logo you’ve done!

    In the Spanish spanking comunity we are trying to become more like the english scene, but still we have a lot to do…

    Anyway, probably you are not switch but you do deserve a good spanking! have forgotten my site 🙁 http://spankee.servici.us is not a blog, but a fantastic forum (even with an english speaker’s section) and it’s really cool!!!


  4. I will try to be more diligent in commenting on your blog. I don’t want to get in trouble or anything! Happy world Spanking Day, a day late. I’ve been browsing through foreign language spanking sites, too, although having taken Latin, I mostly look at pictures. Can you imagine how fabulous ancient Roman spanking blogs would have been, though? SOOO hot. I just tried to picture a Roman spanking orgy, but a lot of people were getting whacked in the elbow and head and such, so that idea’s out.

  5. Thx to one and all for your comments. I’m amazed at the feedback. :-)!

    Erin: I do think it’s worth the effort, as one get’s an invaluable view from another language, culture of the scene — tho one learns how universal this whole thing is really.

    Chise: While I’d love to take credit for the ‘8’ logo, that is from one of the Spanish blogs, naturally i’m forgetting which one.

    Stan: I need to hold off on le fesse and the french blogs and save for a future post:-)

    Chise: Sorry I left your forum off the list! I shall flog myself shortly;))

    Abby: Roman spanking orgy? I luv how your mind works.

  6. Cool links… and a great idea. We look at blogs from around the world… and the pictures are indeed very nice.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  7. Dave, I´ve remembered a video starred of the newscaster I recently added on my blog. She participated in a video of Bum beating fun. I hope you´ll find it, it´s worth!!

  8. Dave, there’s no need of floging yourself, would be better if you come to spain for a visit… There’s a lot of switchs here that are willing to do it (including myself!) 🙂

  9. Tank You Dave! Despite the language barriers You are an excellent friend of the Hispanoamerican comunity of spankos. I think that we insist in 08.08.08, we will have a big success in The International Day of Spanking 8/8!!

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