Of Norman Rockwell, Pin-up Artistry, and Erotica

Prints of this image may be purchased through the artist’s web site: Dave Nestler.

Intrigued by the delightfully delicious, bullseye-bottom cover art for the anthology of otk erotica, “Spanking Tails, Vol. 2,” the whip-smart Field Research Staff at The Cherry Red Report tracked down the universally acclaimed pinup/erotica artist Dave Nestler to learn more about his cover art — and his erotic artistry.

Here’s what he had to say:


“It was my publishers idea for a spanking theme, but it was my fondeness for the art of Norman Rockwell that led me to the final design. I’m a huge Rockwell fan as an illustrator. I also have plans for another “Spanking” themed piece that was shot for me. Another schoolgirl/teacher piece.”


” I think there is plenty of room in the “Spanking” market for art to even have a more mass appeal if it’s done correctly. I have people look at that painting who have no idea about spanking or fetishes, or anything like that and think it’s just fun and cute.”

I find it fascinating that Mr. Nestler refers to Norman Rockwell.

A newspaper recently published an article featuring an art scholar who has apparently ‘discovered’ various erotic themes in Norman Rockwell’s most famous paintings.

We’re talking naughty, subversive, sexy themes, whether Rockwell inserted them subconsciously or purposefully into his work, or the art expert really needs to get out more and it’s a simple case of academic overanalysis. It’s quite an intriguing topic nonetheless.

Anyway, while CRR has yet to get its greedy paws on this book, the fun description from graphic arts publisher SQP Inc. seems quite alluring:

“SUCH naughty behavior! SUCH brazen rebellion!

SUCH a need for some tough love! As Spanking Tails Volume One showed us, there is a keen interest in this country for stern discipline and instruction on JUST how to go about dishing it out!

Time to saddle up again for an ALL NEW volume of butt-warming warfare! Artists anxious to paddle away include Arantza, Colucci, Cuevas, LeBlanc, Sosa, J.L. Czerniawski, Pelaez, and more!

Cover painting by gallery great Dave Nestler (who swears no make-believe women were harmed in the creation of his painting!”

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7 Responses to Of Norman Rockwell, Pin-up Artistry, and Erotica

  1. Abby says:

    What a great find! Nestler reminds me of Luis Royo, without the “Am I a sci-fi geek for liking this?” overtones. Very nice!

    Also very nice were the links to your Amazon shop and your merch shop. I want a cherry t-shirt! That’s so cool. Maybe someday we’ll have to collaborate and do a “Little Cherry-Red Schoolhouse” theme. 🙂

  2. Richard says:

    LOVE the bullseye pic!

  3. spanking~amber says:

    I absolutely loved this photo ! Very clever indeed to use Norman Rockwell as an inspiration. It has a sort of “whimsical approach” to spanking. Thanks for sharing it Dave.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That bulls-eye pic is awesome. Just imagine the mess to get into recreating that!

    Amy H


  5. E. says:

    How funny… I spoke about Nestler in a post last June…


    I like this funny pics very much, the guy is rather good. And love spanking too.



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