Movie Poster Mania

Casting is starting shortly for three new movies that Cherry Red Enterprises is producing. Quentin Spankantino (of “Honey, I Shrunk the Hairbrush” fame) will be helming the director’s chair for all three.

(For more movie posters, surf on over to this older Cherry Red Report post: The Cherry Red Report: I’ve Always Wanted To Direct. Really)

The top draft of a promo poster is from a tummy-tingling horror movie, “Dr. Spankenstein,” involving a mad scientist with an obsessive bottom fetish, currently in development
(image courtesy of Bad Tushy)….

…the next poster above is from an espionage thriller featuring a double agent who masquerades as a deadly spy for the KGB by pretending to be a StepMom (image credit: unknown)…..

…and lastly featured below, an epic called “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Tushy,” a period piece shot in the Far East with a cast of thousands and lots of unreadable subtitles (image credit: possibly Cutie Spankee).

Here’s the blog reader participation part: if you could direct a “mainstream” spanking movie, what would it be about and what would it be called? Feel free to leave a comment — it’s fun and painless. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Movie Poster Mania”

  1. Your post helped to inspire a “spanking in the media” post of my own. It’s less “Let me philosophize about spanking” and more “yay spanking!”

    I’ve been trying to come up with a good movie idea, but other than all the story ideas I’m already using for myself, I can’t think of anything! I would have liked to have seen a young Kate Winslet or Liv Tyler spanked in anything though. “Heavenly Spanked Creatures” or “Let’s Punish the Entire Staff of Empire Records, Please” would have been fun. Oh, Empire Records Liv Tyler and your tiny, tiny skirt, I love you.

  2. I’d remake Mean Girls with slightly older girls… and a lot more spanking 🙂

    Or I’d make Spanking, Lies and Videotape as a spanking confessional.

  3. I wrote a story like this many years ago, but I’d do a movie remake of the TV series “Northern Exposure” and call it–what else?–“Southern Exposure”.
    Winter is fast approaching in the town of Cicely, Alaska, causing the men to become even very dominant, which results in many of the women in town being spanked. Ruth Anne runs out of aloe at her General Store….
    And instead of constantly bickering, Dr. Joel Fleischman finally just upends Maggie O’Connell, pulls down her jeans, and paddles her bottom good and proper.
    The next bumpy landing in her airplane brings a few “ow”s and a smile to her face….

    Dr. Ken

  4. Abby–I love how your mind works, as always.

    Small–Great idea for “MeanGirls.”

    Dr K: “Southern Exposure” — love it. I’m ready to direct that one.

  5. I like asian movies, must be of spankees from those lands. I like the way they act, and their submissive attitude.
    And of course their lovely faces that accompany them always.
    I wanna film a story like “Live nude girls” but instead of gansters I prefer Yakuza.
    Yakuza´s boss punishes lovely bottoms of female members for their misbehaviors.

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