Far East Theme: Motivational Posters, Series #5

A Far East theme to the latest series of motivational posters, focusing on wisdom — and authority.

Perhaps the most glowing, crimson-colored bottom I’ve ever seen in an illustration.

(Photo Credits: Exquisite Manga-style art and top 2 photos possibly Hand-Spanking)….or Cutie Spankee. Last image below kind courtesy of the top-notch Japanese F/f site Hand Spanking.)

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3 thoughts on “Far East Theme: Motivational Posters, Series #5”

  1. What is the first comment? I havenĀ“t motivation to read it!.
    Dave I like very much when you post about oriental spankees. They are beautiful and lovely. I like anime and manga too.

  2. Zoinks!! That was the longest spam message I’ve ever seen, which thankfully I just deleted. If that continues, I may need to turn on the Blogger Spam-Stopper control widget thingey.

    Hi Cometospk–Thank you. I totally agree on your love of Asian otk, as well as manga/anime artwork.


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