What Makes a Great Spanking Photo ?

As a lifelong, born-with-this-kink spankosexual who has viewed an endless self-imposed onslaught of spanking photos of every variety and vintage, I’ve always wondered if it’s possible to to analyze why certain photos really intrigue me — and if those photos that I love do indeed share common characteristics.

(Editor’s Note: In a CRR first, I am actually going to try to write a post with no graphics or photos (gasp!), ironically, in a post about photos.)

Certain images grab me from the get-go — you know the feeling — from stunning vintage black & white photographs to many of today’s super high-res images. At the same time, heaps of images completely turn me off or just totally disinterest me.

The good thing about a great photo, just like a fine work of fiction, your mind rambles and wanders around aimlessly (well, at least mine does) and does all the naughty work at imagining what exactly might be happening.

Anyway, many of the finest photos share, in my opinion, many of the following general characteristics and qualities. I know a lot of these are probably, like, duh, no-brainers, but what the heck — it’s my blog and I’ll blog if I want to.

Would love to hear if any readers out there have any additions, subtractions to this list, or any other thoughts on this topic. Feel free to leave a comment 🙂

I want to emphasize a great photo does not need to have all of these, but a few always help. (I am referring to both M/f and F/f photos which I seem to equally enjoy.)

1. Reactions and Expression. Attitude is everything and perhaps the most important. A look of shame or surprise or defiance on the face of the spankee adds a crucial dimension to the discipline. A look of concentration or focus and no-nonsense determination from the Top certainly makes a photo hotter. Or even one of a spankee waiting, worried, expecting — or getting a good scolding. We’ve all seen yawn-inducing images where the spankee and/or spanker look bored as all heck (“For Pete’s sake, is this what I have to do to make it into Vogue?”) Also, when the spanker looks totally in control, and the spankee looks like she’s not going anywhere for a while, that’s a plus.

2. Attire. First of all, if the spankee is totally naked, it’s usually not as sexy, as that removes some of the suggested realism and embarrassment of discipline and punishment. I’m no fashionista, but, for example, snug jeans tugged down to a tangled bundle of worn denim at the ankles–that’s hot. Or panties in a useless bunch at mid-thigh adds a dose of naughty, spankosexual realism. Visual cliches perhaps, but powerful nonetheless. Denim shorts or pink panties (or, heaven forbid, thongs!) getting warmed, a cheerleader’s skimpy skirt tugged up, a brat squirming OTK in just a tight t-shirt and pink socks — it’s all in these little details.

3. The Naughty Bits. Spanking for numerous reasons epitomizes eroticism and sexuality. Am I master of the obvious or what? Anyway, I’d go so far as to say it’s the foundation of my sexuality. So when a cute perky blushing bottom is arched over a strong lap, and a pouting kitten is on display and possibly purring a bit, I find a pic a lot more, obviously, sexy. The spankee’s in a totally exposed position, naughty bits on display for all to see and admire. Basically, a great photo typically has an undercurrent of sizzling eroticism and sexually-charged energy.

4. Positioning. The position of the punishment is key. The bottom arched up perfectly (with the naughty bits on view, see #3), preferably in the intimate, time-tested over-the-knee format. The spanker’s hand gripped tightly around the spankee’s waist. Again, it’s all in the details. Intriguing positions besides OTK are a plus, too.

5. Realism. If the spanker has a massive boat oar or some 99-cent plastic fly-swatter from WalMart, that’s a waste of some good pixels. On that note, I find many of those now ubiquitous candid birthday-style spanking photos pretty dang boring. That isn’t to say a b-day snap-shot or a totally staged photo can not be a hot one, but, that’s perhaps beyond the scope of this post, and plus I’m starting to ramble.

6. Age Differential. The bigger the age difference between older Top and younger Bottoms adds an interesting pervy, squirmy undercurrent to a photo — it seems to gel with many common fantasies i.e. firm Uncle/sassy, fresh niece…..old-fashioned Doctor/annoyingly bratty patient…..cheerleading Coach (Go Team!!)…..strict Dad, etc and ad infinitum.

7. A few other factors. In a photo where others are observing, waiting for their turn, or even helping, I find that’s a plus — making the punishment even more embarrassing. Unique camera angles are often cool. And cultural diversity is great and it’s always wonderful to see that in a top-notch pic.

Those are the key elements that come to mind. As always, would love to hear what other elements you like in a photo, and/or any feedback, ideas, thoughts. 🙂

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17 thoughts on “What Makes a Great Spanking Photo ?”

  1. Generally Dave, I agree with your criteria. However, I’d like to see some samples of photos you consider to be really good, perhaps with a few words of critique about each. Maybe you’d like readers to send some in (not necessarily ones they’ve taken, but ones they’ve collected or found on the ‘net).

  2. 1. Sometimes words are worth more than pictures contrary to popular belief. Excellent post.

    2. Close ups. What’s better than a nice young red ass where you can just catch that last jiggle while that cute dripping snatch peeks out from the corner of the frame?

    Sorry for being so blunt baby but that’s why I like it so much!

  3. For me, the closer the ages of the spankos in the photos–the more appealing I find it. #1 for me is realism, though…#2 a DD aspect is tops in my book.

    Wonderful blogging, as always. –Ruby

  4. DANG, Dave! I gotta say that was a terrific post. Loved the bit about thongs – you DO listen to old Dev, doncha? *G* But yeah, the best deal is when you can see the emotion, in the girl’s face or at least in her body language – “That really, really, really hurts, Uncle Devlin, why are you doing this? And for god’s sake please don’t stop!”

    -Devlin O’Neill

  5. some excellent thoughts Dave on what makes a good photo. Some of them are of such bad quality as to be comical rather than enticing. I also have a problem with depicting spankers as mean, harsh uncaring men or women. Certainly I don’t want them to look bored but concerned and not brutal would be nice.

    Thanks also for the kind comment on my F/m story. Glad you found it enjoyable. Since I am a switch I feel as though I have to give the guys some equal time. This one was written for a very special gentleman indeed.
    Purple Angel

  6. You definitely hit the main points, I think. Of course, it’s always a matter of personal taste.
    Speaking strictly for myself, I agree that facial expressions or seeing some sort of reaction is #1 in my book. This is what the Punished Brats site does so well.
    About the only thing you list that I wouldn’t is “The naughty bits.” I actually prefer photos where that is not on display. Too many times they look more like a gynecology exam rather than a spanking photo.
    The other thing I like in a spanking photo is a picture where I can actually see both the spanker and the spankee–heads of both, spanker’s arm raised or coming down, the look on the spankee’s face. I don’t like it when they cut off the heads of either participant. There are no headless spankos…There’s a place for close-ups, but I’d rather see more of the total picture…
    But like I said, that’s just my personal preference.

    Dr. Ken

  7. I agree on the naughty bits. I get embarrassed. Knowing someone is looking in that direction has its points, though, but not in pictures. Now, Miranda is blushing.

    I kind of like it when there is an invitation…when the woman seems to say, ‘come on and do it! I am waiting,’ while turning her back (well, bottom is what I really mean) to the observer/spanker. Now, Miranda is blushing to an even deeper red.

  8. Phenomenal writing, you have a knack for inviting the reader into you lair (so to speak), it’s unique.

    About the content- I do agree with you in numerous respects although one major factor of an attractive picture that has not been included (though somewhat obvious): the model.

    I make associations such as: slender and submissive or busty and dominant. I find it wildly erotic to view a curvacious and glowing female drape (or wrench) a lithe and petite girl over her knee and whack away. On the other hand, a small woman spanking a vastly more voluptuous woman would play with the realism aspect in a negative manner (save a strong asian woman with an innocent, curly, breasty blonde although that is another story).

    Wonderful post, I am looking forward to more.

  9. spankosexual… love it! Agree with your points about what makes a good photo. Tried, but couldn’t think of anything else.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  10. Fascinating post. I don’t generally reflect on photo composition and you have made me do so.

    I guess your first criteria (attitude) is the most important for me to find a picture interesting. If I don’t feel the spankee has a certain amount of contrition or is too comfortable, my attention is not as focused.

    There are pictures, or series of pictures, where the whole thing is too easy (the panties come down soon, there’s no protest from the spanker, no emotion from the spankee, etc.). It’s just wooden, there’s no life. I don’t feel engaged either emotionally or mentally by those pictures.

    As for position, I’m generally interested by most positions, but not by the diaper position. I just find it unattractive and unesthetic.

  11. Wow–comments ! Thank you for your thoughtful and intriguing and fascinating feedback, and your feelings on what sparks your interest in a photo.

    It makes me feel very good to get comments on a post such as this one, as it’s I think more personal than most of my posts so far.

    Thank you,

  12. I gotta say that was a great post….

    It is always interesting to see what makes the perfect spanking photo for different individuals….

  13. Great post, Dave! I’ve gotta it really depends on which side of the camera you are on!

    I like the older Top and younger bottom look 😉

    Seeing someone else get it, also makes me smile

    Angie x

  14. Being a photographer, I have found it irritating to see bad lighting, bad camera angles, and other technical failures in most recent spanking images. A realistic pose with a realistic spanker and a severe-looking paddle or wooden spoon about to crash down on a lovely pair of bare/semi-bare/wet buns can be totally destroyed if the spankee is looking directly at the camera with a smile on her face. I love spanking images, even if I didn’t shoot them, but I erase hundreds of images because they don’t look real. Does someone want to pose for some real images so we can show the spanking world what GOOD spanking images look like…?

  15. For me, a picture is a present that my eyes get to open. As my eyes open the present, I begin to construct a story in my mind. The first thing my mind tries to wrap around is the theme. What is the picture trying to tell me? What is it promising me? What rules must I follow to hone in on the hidden concepts the picture might have locked within itself. Second, where is the picture trying to take me through the theme? Third, what is the best way for me to get to where the picture wants me to go. For me, all pictures tell a story. Yes, some stories are better than others, but the true power for me is in the sharing. Sometimes what I really want from the picture isn’t in the form of an “Omg!” love at first sight picture. Rather, it is in the hidden chambers of the picture.

    If I had to pick something about a picture that really did it for me, it would be a picture that teased me. One that wouldn’t give me what I wanted at first. It would be a picture that played hard to get with its many subtle aspects. Yet, it gave me a bread crumb trail to follow in order to climb the stairs of its grand pictorial epiphany. With that sudden realization of hidden grandeur, my journey would be complete.

    – Marcus

  16. I have to also disagree with the naughty bits comment. I prefer pics that leave something to the imagination. Of course I’m also female and straight so perhaps the sight of a woman’s naughty bits just isn’t as appealing as for you Dave.

    I prefer to create my own story about how the spankee got in that predicament and how it ends. I’m not as big a fan of the ones that show the spanking halfway over or completely over. For me the anticipation is the biggest part.

    I do have one comment about most of pics I see, especially M/f pics. Is there some rule that the guys can not be attractive? Most of the women are gorgeous, or at least decent looking but geez, most of the guys look like they crawled out from under a rock. Is it too much to ask that the guys are at least somewhat attractive? It detracts from the realism of it when the picture is captioned, “Girlfriend gets spanked” and the woman is a beautiful 20 something and the guy looks like the crazy middle aged uncle no one talks about.

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