Pervy and Squirmy

Hmm….let’s see what the heck is going on in this image….well, maybe the spanker, hired from the friendly neighborhood dungeon, is a very kinky babysitter with a bit of a thing for latex and red rears?

Whatever the case may be, this is one of the most unusual yet curiously intriguing fetish/spanking photos that I have seen. This pro-shot image seamlessly blends S&M, spanking and ageplay in a highly pervy, squirmy fashion.

I’m curious what readers think of this photo ? — certainly not the typical, run-of-the-mill, cliche spanking image. (If anyone has more info on this image and/or the photographer, kindly send me a shout.)

I didn’t pay my brain bill this month, so I’m having probs thinking of a good, possibly humorous caption for this photo this moment, but feel free if you are so inclined….

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9 thoughts on “Pervy and Squirmy”

  1. wow!! this picture is so HOT,I love fetish spanking pictures.

    I wonder who took this picture it would be great to see more like this;)


  2. Weirdly, I can picture this picture hanging side by side with that “American Gothic” painting. It feels a bit like what would happen if David Lynch and Rob Zombie teamed up to do a fetish shoot. It also makes me think of the old woman in “Cold Comfort Farm” saying, “I saw something nasty in the woodshed.” This feels like the nasty in the woodshed.

    Good find! I hope someone has more from this shoot. I’m really curious about what’s going on here. I hope the two girls turn on the mistress character and beat her back.

  3. This photo is an interesting mix of kinks.

    As for a caption how about “And on this years Simpsons Halloween special”


  4. It seems to me Dave, that is really erotic, although is not the common way to reflect a spanking scene, it´s a good fetish image!!.
    I told you once, long time ago, you are always setting the proper mood to get libidinous.
    Thanks for share it!!!
    Regards from my desk in Spain

  5. What a fascinating photo. I love the little baby doll nightie the spankee is wearing. And ummm … that’s quite an interesting pacifier she has dangling from around her neck.

  6. Thanks all for your wonderful comments and feedback.

    I”ll have to check out Doris Kloster’s work.

    Pixie–I must say honestly I did not notice the errm….umm, well, the pacifier (i.e. buttplug) dangling around the spankee’s neck. Not sure how I missed that, makes me wonder what else I’m not seeing in this intriguing image!!

    Abby–I love how your mind works, as always.

    Cometospank–If my blog is “libidinous,” there is no greater complement/thank you.

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