A Vintage Spanking Letter from 1957

This is one of the most fascinating pieces of “spankobilia” I have seen.

This very, very naughty handwritten vintage letter from “Cora” included below (click on the pages for a better view) from 1957 detailing some classic spanking fantasies in great detail was discovered by a top-notch blogger over at Young Lady’s Diary, where I first saw this letter.

This fine blog features some beautifully-written, very thoughtful writing on our favorite topic, and is certainly worthy of visiting, saying hello, and adding to your link list.

She has informed CRR that she found the letter on a non-fetish site of general vintage photos and ephemera called squareamerica.com. . . .

This short missive fascinates me for many reasons, but essentially it’s a unique window into our fetish from over 50 years ago — evidence to the terribly obvious fact that these fantasies we share and treasure are simply timeless, and universal. One gets a similar feeling browsing through the treasure trove of sepia-toned fetish and spanking imagery over at VintageSpank.

The letter is evocative of a simpler time perhaps, with no blogs and fetish sites and spanking industry parties, no iPods and ubiquitous cell phones and instant chat, a simpler time where an intimate, hand-written note could possess such intoxicating power.

And I’m sure Cora got her spanking. Don’t you?

Thanks again to Young Lady’s Diary for uncovering this gem — and for her kindness in letting me share it as well on my blog.

Would love to get reader’s feedback, thoughts and comments.

An amazing, classic and very vintage otk photo courtesy of VintageSpank. He’s got quite the grip on this upended beauty.

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10 thoughts on “A Vintage Spanking Letter from 1957”

  1. Dave, first off, thanks for the positive feedback for my blog! I truly appeciate it.

    As for this letter, this is just amazing. I love that she writes “Hynie” but then “Pussy.” It is so innocent, but totally dirty. I can just imagine the woman so excited to give it to lover.

    Dig your blog!

  2. Wow… what a great find! Thanks for sharing it, and we’ll be sure to check out Young Lady’s site.

    Love the plea to throw the letter away, btw… lol.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  3. thanks sub nouveau:)

    hi E. Great! I am going to have to learn French so I can read your awesome blog.

    YoungLady–my pleasure.

    Todd & Suzy–yes the note about please throw this letter away was interesting. Thankfully for us, that never happened.

  4. What a great letter! (Good find, Young Lady! and Dave!) It makes me wonder what naughty pieces of my own life will pop up in fifty years. I wonder what Internet detritus will remain… if Blogger, for instance, will keep all these sites long after we’ve stopped blogging, or if by embracing incorporeal media, we are denying ourselves future nostalgia.

    I agree with everyone, but especially with anonymous. Awesome with awesome sauce sounds wicked good right about now…

    🙂 Abby

  5. That vintage letter really is funny! Something which could be in FOUND magazine, perhaps, especially since we know that the recepient never threw the letter away as requested! Probably took a lot of guts to request such a treatment in those days (not that it isn’t now, but at least people are more used to the fact that others have kinks)!

  6. There’s something so intimate and personal about a letter – it’s very cool.
    I love receiving hand-written letters from people close to me, but I rarely return the favour as the action of writing hurts my fingers and wrists quite badly nowadays.
    Besides, my writing looks like it was done by the paraplegic brother of the spider dipped in ink. 😉

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