CRR Exclusive: The Spanking Art of Kami Tora

****CRR Exclusive****

The staff at the Art and Graphics department at The Cherry Red Report offices have long been intrigued by the stylized, exquisite art of anime and manga — often featuring wild scenarios, highly sexualized themes, strikingly bold colors, unique styles often inspired by cartoons and comix, mixing the domestic with the profane — and nothing seems off-limits or taboo in the world of anime and manga.

One of the finest artists I’ve seen is Kami Tora, who has dabbled in the spanking genre with squirmy, naughty artistry, though he primarily (unfortunately for us spankos) focuses on more BDSM and hardcore topics.

I first discovered Kami Tora on the massive free forum Anime OTK. Also, perv on over and check out his not for the faint of heart website here kamitora – paper tiger. (Editor’s Note: His site primarily features very hardcore/fetish, non-spanking drawings, that are not my thing.) He also has a discussion forum with new pics here: kamitora – boards @ ??

If you dig his spanking work, and maybe if enough of spankosexuals send him some feedback, he’ll do more spanktastic work. I can dream. Can’t I?

The Cherry Red Report picked some incredible spank-centric pieces by this amazing artist, and asked Kami Tora to give us a behind-the-scenes glimpse, the inspiration and motivation for some of his cherry-red, rump-roasting illustrations.

Before we look at each illustration individually, The Report asked Kami Tora for a brief backgrounder:

I’ve been drawing cartoons for many years, though not professionally, more as a hobby. I’ve participated in a few doujinshis (comics) in Japan and some American adult comics, but nothing on a large scale. I don’t generally take commissions or requests, as my work schedule is full and I can’t guarantee drawings in a timely manner.

My subject matter has a fairly wide range including BDSM and spanking, futanari, femdom, hardcore and ecchi (softcore). I’ll often sketch something quickly, set it aside and come back later to it to decide to what genre the pic is best suited.

Many have wound up becoming spanking pics as I appreciate the female rump above all else. I am not a “spanking artist” in that I don’t delve into the subculture of spanking as an end (no pun) in itself. Spanking to me is generally an appetizer, not a main course.

This was a sketch that I quite liked. I was afraid to screw it up with inking, so I scanned and cleaned it, and added the red on her tush. The report card was an afterthought, since I drew her wearing teenish clothing and needed a reason for her punishment. I try to explain my pics without dialog if possible, and the card just made sense. The title “A-Minus” tries to say she’s not a loser or a tramp or anything, she’s just a girl who’s held to a very high standard!

This one is a part of a 7-page story called “The Wicked Stepmother” I did for a friend’s doujinshi. It seems the young lad has been using a blow-up doll to relieve his adolescent…urges. What’s worse, the blow-up doll has been fashioned by him to closely resemble his new stepmother! When she finds out, she decides to punish him. This is the only spanking page in the story, it quickly becomes more sexual and lusty
and less about OTK punishment.

Another girl caught doing things a lady shouldn’t. The fact that she’s wearing pants and a top says she probably wasn’t caught “in the act”, rather the dirty mag was discovered. The presence of a belt denotes (at least to me) a patriarchal punisher. Her choice of masturbation material says her character is, at the very least, phallocentric. I believe “furyo” in Japanese means “bad girl.”

I had this pose drawn for quite a while, but couldn’t think of a good character design. I had drawn a modest bust and long legs, so I new it would be a teenager, and the pillow meant it would be domestic in nature. I came across a pic of some goth girl looking tough, and wanted to take the whole “goth” thing down a peg, so I gave this character the same hairstyle and clothing. It was also a great opportunity to do the whole “tear-streaked mascara,” because goth girls will often wear alot of eye makeup!

This one’s fairly recent. I envisioned this character ordering one of those ridiculous pussy-floss bikinis online with the credit card her daddy gave her. But when he sees what she’s wearing by the pool, he takes action. He doesn’t want the neighborhood boys thinking of her that way, so he gives her exposed butt a spanking. Maybe he makes her wear her offending bikini the rest of the day as an added humiliation?

This one was actually a rejoinder to a previous pic I did where the roles were reversed. I didn’t want anyone thinking I was playing favorites, so I thought I’d make the teacher write on the blackboard and get her own punishment. I think the original title to this one was “Apple,” which I thought would be a humorous touch.

Thank you Kami Tora for your thoughtful and fascinating insights into your work, and for your wonderful artistry.

Would love to hear readers’ feedback, comments, opinions, etc.

* * *

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24 thoughts on “CRR Exclusive: The Spanking Art of Kami Tora”

  1. Hi again Dave!
    My friend Tane told me that you have written a post about Kami Tora. As you know, I have a picture of her (him or them, I don´t know its genre) as headboard in my blog. But I suppose it´s a woman, LOL.
    I really love the erotic world of Anime, and Kami is one of the best drawers.
    I´ve enjoyed very much this article.
    Regards from Spain

  2. These are fantastic pictures. As much as I am a ‘bottom’ I love the teacher getting a spanking from the school boy.

    Thanks Dave.


  3. Most enjoyable 🙂 I love the Furyo – it is something like my post ‘lost and found’ don’t you think?

    Happy spanks
    x p soxx x

  4. I’m not usually a fan of anime, but these pics were kind of cute.

    Wonder how the pic of the girl in the bikini she bought with Daddy’s credit card was chosen……..

  5. This was a really interesting read. Kami Tora has always been one of my favorite artists from AOTK; his dynamic style and skill really creates amazing art. He has a lot of talent, though most of his original art indeed does not meet my fancy. But I am always happy to see his new spanking art pieces.
    Have you seen his newest? 🙂

    I only wish my art could come out as nicely colored as his!

  6. Great artwork pics ! As for the soaping business…I have a personal experience that would be entertaining and funny if only I weren’t too embarrassed to share it. 😳 Let’s just say I thought I would outsmart the soaping incident but it backfired on me big time ! I won’t be using “not nice words for young ladies to say” if there is a bar of soap nearby. Omg yuck. 🙄

  7. Hi there, I hope you don’t mind, but I have linked to this post in my blog. I absolutely loved this post, and could see myself in almost all of the pictures, for I have been in each situation, sometimes more than once! lol. Wonderful post, thank you!

    baby girl tabby

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