The Cherrylicious Return of Cherry

She’s back and as naughty as she wants to be at GoodSpanking….so I just had to get my blog on. . . . .

The rumors are true. This just in: Cherry’s back.

Cherry, pictured above in an older photo (really cute pink panties, I must say) with the always beautiful and intriguing Chelsea Pfeiffer, makes her triumphant return to the spanking scene and Chelsea’s seasoned lap at GoodSpanking. From the entire staff at The Cherry Red Report, and dare I say, spankosexuals worldwide, WELCOME BACK CHERRY!

Editor’s Note: Hot photo somewhat unrelated to the topic of this post:

Chelsea de-duking Carolyn Reese and her skimpy daisy dukes from a recent Good Spanking video. Captions by CRR. On a side note, for more asstastic denim, click on over to my thrilling sister site, The Daisy Dukes Report.

****And now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

It’s always wonderful to see some skimpy short-shorts being warmed up by the unstoppable Chelsea Pfeiffer, who runs an amazingly delicious F/f website called GoodSpanking, showing how sexy good, hot and very firm spankings can be. Chelsea also has a great sense of humor and has heaps of fun with our fetish.

Chelsea’s been on a roll as of late.

Submitted for your consideration:

Exhibit A: She coaxes the stunning Francesa Le (in recent pic below) out of retirement (see full report, or shrine, in this titillating post here: The Triumphant Return of Francesca Le

Francesca Le getting her exquisite diaphanous panties warmed by Carolyn Reese, after getting her impossibly tighttt jeans spanked. Love it.

Exhibit B: Now The Report has received word the spankalicious and sexy spankee Cherry is also coming out of retirement to in order to give her bodacious bubble-bottom some long overdue OTK action at GoodSpanking, with the first videos having Ms. Cherry clad in a cheering outfit (!) and also skimpy shorts (!), no less. Goodness!

Bring It On. Cherry getting her cheer on. Go. Team. Go.

According to Chelsea Pfeiffer, a little creative re-writing was in order:

“She showed up a little more tattooed than she’d been before and so our cheerleader scenario was quickly re-written to be about a cheerleader who turns up for fall practice after spending her summer in a tattoo parlor.”

Pardon the awful pun, but sounds as if Cherry’s posterior at GoodSpanking will be the only thing being tattooed….by Chelsea…..

Perv on over here and feed your fetish for more cherry-red goodness:
* * *
p.s. Cherry has also worked with Clare Fonda in the past in some very hot F/f scenarios. Cherry is pictured below in a classic pic from Clare’s Sweeties site:
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4 thoughts on “The Cherrylicious Return of Cherry”

  1. I celebrate that Cherry has returned to the spanking scene. I hope her new videos are plenty of good and old-fashioned spanking over the knees of Chelsea and Clare.
    Regards from Madrid

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